12 Popular Brands of AAA and AA Batteries in India

AAA and AA Batteries and C batteries, rechargeable batteries are our day to day life items, used for almost all the electrical and small electronics devices. Here is the list of top brands of AAA and AA Batteries available in India.



Duracell AA batteries are multi purpose alkaline batteries, deliver extra power and the technology keeps batteries fresh and powered. Rechargeable batteries from Duracell also good for toys, gaming and playing with remote cars.



Nippo Batteries is a popular name that manufactures batteries in India, Also is the second largest dry cell battery manufacturer and also manufactures batteries of various types like UM-1S, AA and torches.



Eveready is another leading name that manufactures flashlight, carbon zinc batteries and AA batteries in India. lkaline batteries, Zinc carbon batteries and Rechargeable Batteries are the three types of primary battery which are perfect for devices like mouse, players, toys and digital cameras.



Panasonic offers rechargeable, alkaline and zinc carbon batteries with longest lifespan in the history of Panasonic batteries. EVOLTA batteries and eneloop rechargeable batteries form Panasonic are known to offer high performance, greater lifespan and safer batteries.



Energizer brand of Batteries are known for long-lasting performance and the company is one of the largest manufacturers of batteries in the world. The Lithium Battery Ultimate are high power-efficient high-tech digital equipment lithium batteries.

GP Recyko


GP Recyko batteries are one of the best NiMH batteries along with Amazon Basics that fulfill your everyday use for toys, gaming, remote, radios and wall. GP Ultra Alkaline are the most popular portable electronic devices.



AmazonBasics offers a wide range of digital and home care accessories, The AmazonBasics AAA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries are another alternative and ideal for a variety of devices like flashlights, digital cameras toys and wall clocks.



Smartcell produce batteries for all applications from portable to large such as Lithium ion Battery,Low Speed EVs etc. The alkaline batteries are portable for wide range of applications including Remote car, TV remote, Toy, Torch, Radio and Digital Camera, Wireless Mouse.



Envie brand of alkaline batteries provide you with a safe and stable environment, The rechargeable batteries are compatible with a large number of electrical and small electronics devices including toys, remote and clocks.



Sony AA 2500 mAh rechargeable batteries is another good option for everyday use and provide the extra power you need. These rechargeable batteries are NiMH 2500mAh pre-charged batteries and designed for ready to use and last more than regular alkaline batteries.



Osaka from Japan is an ideal choice for day to day use items such as flash light, remote control toys, walkman etc. The AA/AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are also good for high drain devices like digital camera, mp3 player, camcorders etc.

Power Smart 2100 mah rechargeable batteries for camera toys, remote cars and clocks are also available in India along with other brands such as Tuscan Battery, Ikea LADDA Rechargeable Battery, Omnicel and varta batteries.

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