Top 10 Best Selling Brands of Vodka in India

Vodka is another most popular distilled alcoholic beverage, used in cocktails and mixed drinks and originates from Poland and Russia. White Mischief, Magic Moments,Romanov and Smirnoff are few most selling brands of vodka in India along with some of the foreign brands of Vodka like Grey Goose, Belvedere, Vladivar and Wodka Gorbatschow.

White Mischief, India

White Mischief vodka brand is India’s largest selling vodka, manufactured and marketed by United Spirits. The Indian brand of vodka is also launched lime flavoured vodka variant, Zing and one brand of brandy in Kerala.

Magic Moments, India

Magic Moments vodka brand is owned by Radico Khaitan or Rampur Distillery, one of the top five largest Indian liquor company that also own whisky brands like 8PM, After Dark and Rampur Single Malt.

Radico Khaitan company that also manufactures and introduced International brands of liquor in India such as Beck’s beer, Hibiki blended whiskies, Morpheus brandy in India.

Absolut Vodka, Sweden


Absolut brand of vodka is owned by Pernod Ricard and one of the largest selling brands of vodka in the world along with Smirnoff. The leading brand of Premium vodka offers favorite flavors and true taste of vodka.

Grey Goose, France

Grey Goose brand of vodka from France is made from two ingredients, available in lemon-flavored, black cherry-flavored and orange-flavored as well as with taste of vanilla.

Romanov, India

Romanov vodka brand marketed by United Spirits and the cheapest vodkas available in India, very popular low-cost vodka comes in flavours of Orange, Lemon and Apple.

Smirnoff, Russia

Smirnoff vodka was world’s largest selling spirit brand and also it was best selling vodka across the country, In year 2015 India’s Officer’s Choice brand overtook.

Eristoff, Georgia

Eristoff Vodka is owned by Bacardi spirits company and made from 100% grain spirit. Some of the most popular associated brands with Bacardi Limited also include Grey Goose, Ultimat Vodka,Camino Real Tequila and Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Wodka Gorbatschow, German


Wodka Gorbatschow produced in Berlin and today one of the leading German vodka brand. The most common type and three exciting flavours Green Apple, Orange and Vanilla has been introduced in India.

Belvedere, Poland

The Belvedere Vodka brand is from Poland that also produces flavored vodkas. Polish Vodka Belvedere is marketed and labeled as a super premium vodka in India as well as in the world.

Vladivar, Scotland

Vladivar Vodka is now owned by Whyte & Mackay company based in Glasgow. The brand of vodka distilled in the UK now made in Scotland and the company also sells Glayva blend of Scotch whiskies, Fettercairn and Dalmore.

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