15 Types of Alcoholic Beverages Available in India

Alcoholic drinks or beverages are a type of alcohol products, plays an important role in the social cultures of the world. The beverages with alcohol are divided into three classes beers, wines and spirits, Here is the list of popular types of alcoholic drinks available in India.



Beer is the third most selling drink in India after tea and water, also popular consumed alcoholic drinks. Kingfisher strong beers from the United Breweries is the largest selling India beer brand followed by Hunter and Carlsberg, Tuborg and Budweiser are other major breweries in India.



Whisky or whiskey is a regulated spirit made from different varieties of grains and kept for aging in wooden barrels like white oak. Indian whisky are blends based on neutral spirits manufactured and sold, Amrut is the first single malt whisky produced in India and most popular brands of Indian whisky are Signature, Antiquity, Royal Stag, Blenders Pride and Vat 69 from Diageo Distilleries.



Vodka alcoholic beverage is traditionally made from liquid cereal grains in from Poland and Russia.

Which is the Best Vodka Brand in India?

Each brand of Vodka has unique test, flavour and unique story to tell, Some of the most popular and finest brands of vodka available in India are Smirnoff, Romanov, Absolut, Belvedere,Grey Goose, Vladivar and White Mischief.



Rum alcoholic drink from sugarcane juice are produced in various grades in India, commonly used in cocktails or consumed straight.

What are the best RUM in India?

Old Monk is the best and most popular Indian dark rum brand along with Captain Morgan, Malibu, Bacardi, Hercules Deluxe Rum, McDowell’s No.1 rum, one of the largest selling dark rum in India.



Brandy spirit is a not a favorite alcoholic drink in India but people prefer brandy from the cold regions of India. Brandy was also used in India as a home remedy for common cough, colds and mild body pain.

What are the best Brandy Available in India?

Best brands of brandy in India are Honey Bee from United Breweries, Hennessy, Janus by Sula, Mansion House and McDowell’s No.1 Brandy.



The city of Nashik in Maharashtra also known as Wine Capital of India, Is one of the best place in India and ideal for viticulture and also home of Sula Vineyards.

What are the Popular RED Wines in India?

Vineyards in India are found on the Deccan Plateau, while Southern India is home to several Vineyards and Wineries, along with several grape varieties used for wine production.



Tequila type of alcoholic drinks are made from agave plants, only blue agave plants that are grown in the highlands Los Altos region.

What are the best Brand of Tequila in India?

There are list of Tequila brands available in India for liquor lovers such as Montejima Reposado Tequila, Blue Head Tequila and the popular Indian brand of DesmondJi Tequila from Goa by the Agave India Industries.



Gin alcoholic drink is made from juniper berries as a common ingredient and various flavour profiles of spirits as well as with herbal ingredients. Tanqueray, Botanist, Monkey 47 and very popular Bombay Sapphire brand of gin in India with almond, lemon, juniper berries ingredients.



Mead alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey also known as honey wine, not very popular in India and there is only licensed meadery near Pune with brand as Moonshine Meadery.



Cider alcoholic beverage is made from the juice of apples and very popular in the United Kingdom, also popular in countries such as Australia,New Zealand and India.
It is one of the new categories of alcohol in India with Mead and one non alcoholic carbonated apple juice is known as Appy Fizz by Parle Agro.

Desi Daru ( देसी दारू)


Desi daru or sharaab is the most selling alcoholic drink in the Indian subcontinent, also known by different type and name such as Tharra from sugarcane, Santra, Narangi and Safeda.

Taadi – Palm Wine


Taadi or palm wine from coconut palms, date plam and Palmyra palms are very popular drink in rural parts of India, also known as kallu in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, neera in some part and Taadi in North India.

Feni – Cashew


Feni liquor from Goa is one of the two most popular types of feni with cashew, produced froom varieties of cashew apples. Coconut feni or palm tree feni is known as Taadi in some part of India but different in taste, Cashew feni found Geographical Indication of Goa.



Mahua is the most popular tribal and local drink of India during the celebrations, produce from the edible mahua flowers and also used for medicinal purposes.

Hadia – Rice Beer

Hadia is a rice beer from the list of Indian states and very popular in the Indian subcontinent, known by different names.
Kiad, Kosna, Raksi, Lugdi, Chhaang, and Apong from Assam are the well known rice beer of India, very much popular among the tribes in Central and North East India.

Difference Between Beer, Wine, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Brandy and Rum?

The alcoholic beverage are divided into three basic classes beers, wines and spirits. These drinks are now further divided on ingredients, distilling and fermentation. Read the full article.

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