Top 12 Largest Wind Power Production States of India

Wind power in India is another fastest developing industry and wind farms in the country are generating 46,011 million kWh of electricity. Today, India is fourth largest installed wind power capacity in the world and here is the list of wind energy installations in states across India.

Renewable energy in India will double the power capacity in the country and would place India amongst the best renewable energy use countries in the world.

Tamil Nadu


The state of Tamil Nadu has the highest Installed wind capacity by any other state of India. Muppandal windfarm is the largest wind power plant in India with 1500 MW installed capacity.


Maharashtra ranked second in wind power installed capacity and also planning to install wind power project in Satara. As of now Maharashtra has 4,442.05 MW installed capacity in the wind energy sector.



Gujarat ranked third in term of wind renewable energy and a leading state in India for wind power capacity. The state also looking for the possible sites for Offshore wind power plant at coast of Gujarat.



Rajasthan has 4031.99 MW wind power installed, Jaisalmer Wind Park is second largest operational onshore wind farm in India and one of the largest operational wind farms in the world.


Karnataka has 3,082.45 MW wind power installed and the generation capacity significantly increased in recent years. The state has good wind potential at the coastal area and very rich in terms of wind farms compared with others in India.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh state is promoting renewable energy with environment conservation and generation of power. The state has windmills and wind farms in Dewas and Nagda Hills of Bhopal.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is already the largest producer of solar energy state of India and working towards the installation of wind farm. Penukonda and Nallakonda wind farm in Andhra Pradesh are two large windmill farms in Andhra Pradesh


Telangana is continusly working on renewable energy projects, both solar and wind energy. The state will become one of the best renewable energy developed state of India.


Kanjikode wind farm in Palakkad district and Ramakkalmedu in Idukki district of Kerala are two places where wind energy farm is installed.



The state of Odisha has very large coastal line with higher potential for wind energy. Odisha is working towards the Wind power generation and has a windpower potential of 1700MW.

West Bengal

Indian government encourage the development of renewable energy projects in West Bengal. The state is planning to install wind power stations in Midnpore and has an operational wind energy generators at Freserganj.

Jammu and Kashmir

The Kargil and Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir has higher potential for wind energy. The Himalayan state already using solar and hydro power along with solar hybrid power systems.

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