Top 10 Indian States With Largest Solar Power Installed Capacity

Solar power in India is the country’s fastest developing industry going to be world’s largest installed solar-power capacity country. Solar thermal storage power, Hybrid solar plants and Solar heating technology generates the during the summer months in India.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh state is home to world’s largest solar power plant in Kurnool district. The state also has Ananthapur Ultra Mega Solar Park and produce 2,138.82 MW of solar power.



Rajasthan is knownas most solar developed state of India and also home to the worlds largest Fresnel type plant in Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Park along with Bhadla Solar Park in Jodhpur district as well as solar park in Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Jaisalmer also has one of the largest wind farm in India.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has the highest installed solar power capacity in India. Kamuthi Solar Power Project near Madurai is the world’s second largest solar park. The state of Tamil Nadu is also the largest producer of Wind Energy  in India.


Solar panel Gujarat

Gujarat is India’s most solar developed state and a leader in solar power generation in India. The state has one of the largest solar park in Patan district and first state to commissioned Canal Solar Power Project on the Narmada Canal.


Maharashtra has some of the best region in India in to install solar power plants, Sakri solar plant in Dhule district is the largest solar power plant in Maharashtra and Saibaba Trust has the largest solar steam system in the world.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is another fast renewable energy developed states in India, Welspun Solar MP project and Rewa Ultra Mega Solar are two largest solar power plant in Madhya Pradesh.


Pavagada Solar Park in Tumkur district of Karnataka will be one of the largest solar park in the world. Shakti Sthala solar park with full potential of 2,000 MW will become world’s largest solar park.


Telangana currently has 1300 MW installed capacity of solar power and will become highest solar power generation in India by year 2019. ReNew Power announced the commissioning of biggest solar plant in Telangana in Dharmaraopet village.


Adani group is commissioning largest solar power plant in Punjab with 100 MW. Punjab also has World’s largest single rooftop solar plant.

Uttar Pradesh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated Uttar Pradesh’s biggest solar power plant in Mirzapur. The state already has solar power plant in Allahabad and in Jalaun district.

Kerala is home to largest floating solar power plant in India that floats on the Banasura Sagar reservoir in Wayanad.

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