Top 12 Most Popular Brands of Camera in India

Digital camera or digicam are dedicated cameras used by professionals for many purposes such as wildlife photography, record movies, videos with sound and can display images on screen immediately. There are list of most popular dslr camera brands in India like Canon, Nikon, Sony and Kodak, Here is the best and latest range of digital cameras brands.

Canon, Japan


Canon in the manufacture of camcorders, dslr cameras,lenses and medical equipment. The Canon PowerShot digital cameras were the best selling digital camera in India in line and worldwide as well.

Canon EOS series of dslr camera are launched for enthusiast photographers with several modifications in new model of EOS 80D, EOS 7D with continuous shooting mode and 65-point auto-focus system.

Nikon, Japan


Nikon is a Japanese corporation specializing in optics and imaging, products include cameras, binoculars, imaging lenses for photography. The Coolpix series of digital compact cameras by Nikon was very popular camera in India along with autofocus and digital single lens reflex cameras like Nikon D3100.

Sony, Japan


Sony Cyber shot, point and shoot, autofocus digital cameras support a variety of shooting conditions and needs. Sony Corporation business also includes professional electronics, television, gaming and electronic products.

Panasonic, Japan


Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese electronics company started with lightbulb sockets and electronics items in competition with Hitachi and Toshiba.

Lumix series of camera by Panasonic were one of the entry-level DSLR camera that also supports video recording, The company was also one of the largest television manufacturer in the world.

Olympus, Japan


Olympus Corporation is a world famous Japanese manufacturer of digital camera brands,laboratory equipment, specializing in microscopes and thermometers. The Olympus series of cameras and lenses are designed to compete with Nikon and Canon’s bestsellers. Image

Sigma, Japan


Sigma Japanese company produce photographic accessories including cameras, lenses and high-quality lenses. Sigma Corporation best known for high quality lenses and also largest zoom lenses manufacturer in the world.

Leica Camera, Germany

Leica Camera AG company from Germany manufactures binoculars, ophthalmic glass, cameras and lenses. The digital camera series with lens are good for street photography, normal and macro photography as well as for photojournalists.

Fujifilm, Japan


Fujifilm photography company was the first producer of photographic films in Japan, FinePix product line of digital cameras are produced by Fujifilm and known for performance and advanced features.

Pentax, Japan

Pentax brand of camera offers competition on the market ground from Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Canon. Hoya Corporation acquired the camera company Pentax which also provides medical products & services.

Samsung, South Korea


Samsung is the most famous South Korean electronics company and also the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer electronics. Samsung Cameras are point and shoot camera and one of the best and most trusted brands in India.

Casio, Japan

Casio electronics manufacturing company from Japan is well known for calculators, Edifice watches, musical instruments and Its popular products also include mobile phones and digital cameras. Casio Exilim brand of digital cameras were used to offer higher-quality optics and greater zoom.

Kodak, United States

Kodak company produces digital camera and related products like film, best known for photographic film products. Digital cameras are still by Kodak brand by JK Imaging and currently provides graphic communications services.

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