Places and Travel Itinerary for Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu is the second smallest union territory of India,situated on the west coast and mostly preferred by travellers from Mumbai,Pune and Gujarat. Daman and Diu are situated at a distance of is 194 KM across the sea on the Arabian Sea coast and approximately 650 kilometres away from each other by road. Daman and Diu houses many monuments with Portuguese styled architecture and major tourist attraction also includes Temple, Diu Fort,Nani Daman Fort,Nagoa Beach,Ghoghla Beach,Nadia Caves,Thomas Church and Tower of Silence.

Places To Visit In Daman

Daman is the capital city of Daman and Diu, surrounded by Valsad district of Gujarat. The city has many small villages around and divided into two parts by Daman Ganga River, Nani daman and Moti daman.

  • Jain Temple
  • Church of Bom Jesus
  • Dominican Monastery



Nani Daman Fort and Fort of Moti Daman are two fortress located in Daman city. The fort is located on the northern side of the Damanganag river.

  • Nani Daman Fort
  • Jeronimo Fort



Daman coastline is dotted with amazing and spectacular beaches, Devka and Jampore beaches are two most popular attraction along with Lighthouse that attracts number of tourists from Gujarat and Maharashtra.

  • Jampore Beach
  • Devka Beach

Deltin Daman Casino

Daman Casino belongs to Deltin group and one of the casino in India outside Goa. The offshore landbased casino from Deltin is a must visit place in Daman to try your luck.

Places To Visit In Diu

Diu is a fishing town known for its fortress and old Portuguese architecture and Cathedral. The beach town is the popular tourist destinations with list of attractions such as breathtaking sunset, offshore lighthouse and water sports of parasailing, boating and jet skiing.

Zampa Gateway


Zampa Gateway is a major attraction and landmark of Diu, The gateway with huge wall is carved with lions,priest and angels. This is the most visited place among the tourist and a monument of National importance in Diu.

  • Gangeshwar Temple
  • Naida Caves



Diu Fort is a well preserved Portuguese fort and one of the most imposing structure, situated on the coast of the Diu island. The fort cum castle was built by the Portuguese and among the selected new wonders from India.

  • Diu Fort
  • Fortim do Mar



There are three main churches located within the Diu fort, St.Thomas Church was built in Gothic style architecture and one of the must visit place in Diu.

  • St. Paul’s Church
  • St. Thomas Church
  • St. Francis of Assisi


daman and diu beaches

Beaches of Diu are most popular tourist attractions and the Ghoghla Beach is the largest beach on the island of Diu. Other Beaches in Diu are Simbor,Gomtimata Beach, and Chakratirath Beach.

  • Ghoghla Beach
  • Nagoa Beach
  • Gomtimata Beach

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