Top 10 Newest Brands of Indian Beer

India loves beer and here is the list of some of the most popular Indian beer brands in India. Give it a look and must try when you are in the region like Goa King’s Beer etc.

Maka Di Beer

Maka Di Beer is one of the most enduring and loved beer brand from Goa, With flavour of the woods, the freshness of honey and a subtle twist of sweetness.

Bira 91


Bira 91 is a popular craft beer brand known for its different varieties, including Bira 91 White and Bira 91 Blonde.

Old Monk

Yes, you heard and read it correct, the world famous Rum Brand Old Monk is now also famous for its strong beer variants, and it is produced by Mohan Meakin.

Goa King’s Beer

Goa King’s Beer is a brand known for its association with the popular holiday destination, Goa. It’s just another must try-on to the list of Indian beer brands.

Simba Beer


Simba is a craft beer brand that has gained popularity for its innovative flavors and brewing techniques, Available in four ranges- Wit, Stout, Strong and Light.



BeeYoung brand is another recently Indian beer and goes viral with the flow, available in 500ml cans and bottles. 

White Rhino

White Rhino Brewing Co was founded in 2016 with the aim of bringing both quality and variety, India’s first craft brewery to the Indian beer market.

Bad Monkey


Sinq Beverage is an Indian Corporation that Manufacturer and Marketer of strong Beer Brand called Bad Monkey Beer in India.

Kati Patang

Kati Patang of India is most recent craft beer brands famously known sparkling clear and pure Himalayan taste.

White Owl

White Owl is a craft brewery known for its craft beer offerings, including White Owl Spark and White Owl Diablo. White Owl lines up four fabulous beers – Ace, Diablo, Spark and Spike.

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