Top 10 Most Popular Alcoholic Brands of Goa

Today, Goa is one of the leading producer of alcoholic drinks, made in Goa and getting popular in the world like Kadamba whisky. Here are some of the best local beverages brands of Goa that you should try out on when you are in Goa with Sea Sand and Beaches.

Goenchi – Feni


Cashew Apples feni best served chilled with lemon-lime soda or over ice with an orange twist. Coconut Feni was still an old tradition but Goenchi Cashew Feni is the real juice of Goan Cashew Apples.

Kadamba – Single-malt Whisky


Goa based Kadamba single-malt whisky has won the best Indian Single-Malt at World Whiskies Awards. The double distilled and bourbon and American oak casks, offer best of the best.

Pipa – Rum de Goa


Pipa – Rum de Goa is a premium brand of spiced rum, a fusion between local and Portuguese flavours. Spices used in the rum are black pepper, cinnamon, and clove.

Seqer – Gin


Seqer is the new Gin brand from Goa and goes well with soda, a slice of orange or ginger. The brand from South Goa has taste of nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and rosemary.

Woodburns – Whisky


Woodburns Contemporary Indian Whisky that offers a bold, smoky front, balanced by a well-rounded peated malt finish

Rahasya – Vodka


Rahasya Vodka is the one of the best brand in Goa, offers Indian flavors and aromas with unique blend of innovation.

Vinho Fontainhas – Port Wine


Vinho Fontainhas Wine is a premium port wine available only in a 375ml bottle. The local brand is now getting popular in the state as setting up new bars and restaurants.

Goa Brewing Co – Craft Beer


The company is one of the leading Indian craft beer brand that produce and market an exciting portfolio of craft beer in Goa.

Goa King’s Beer


The famous Goa King’s beer was available at all part of Goa, The brand was acquired by Viiking Ventures and now also available in Mumbai.

Cabo – Coconut White Rum


The unique Cabo Coconut White Rum from coconut extract and one of the best beach drinks. White Rum with Coconut Liqueur is a sweet tasting and very much similar to Malibu.

San Andre Coffee Liqueur, Maka Zai Gold Rum, Cabo White Coconut Rum, Goa Kings Beer, Cazulo Premium Feni, Stranger & Sons Gin and Aani Ek Infused Feni. Local drinks of Goa also include Feni, King’s Beer, Sol Kadi, Kokum Juice, Urak, Armada and Port wine.

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