Top 5 Highest Orange Producing States in India

India is one of the largest producers of oranges in the world, with several states contributing significantly to its production. You must heard about the Nagpur Orange, Coorg Orange and other more popular varieties of Orange in India, Some of the popular name of different types of oranges in India are Kinnow, Malta and Mandarin.

Here is the list of top 5 largest Orange Producing States of India by volume and also the famous orange varieties in India.



Maharashtra is the leading orange-producing state in India. Nagpur oranges, also known as Nagpuri santra, are famous worldwide for their sweetness and flavor. The region around Nagpur, known as the Nagpur mandarin belt, is particularly renowned for its orange cultivation.

Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh is another major producer of oranges in India. The districts of Chhindwara, Betul, and Seoni are known for their orange orchards. The state has been increasingly focusing on orange cultivation as a means of rural livelihood and agricultural diversification.



Assam is known for its high-quality oranges, particularly the Khasi Mandarin variety grown in the state’s hilly regions. The oranges from Assam are prized for their rich flavor and aroma. Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, and Golaghat are some of the prominent orange-producing districts in Assam.



Rajasthan, with its favorable hot climate and hilly terrain, is emerging as a significant orange-producing state in India. The state produces varieties like Kinnow, Sweet Orange and Sweet Lime.



Punjab is known for its unique and flavorful orange varieties, including the Punjab Kinnow. Oranges are an important cash crop for farmers in Punjab, contributing to the state’s agricultural economy.

These states along with Karnataka, West Bengal, Manipur and Uttarakhand also play a crucial role in India’s orange production in total for both domestic consumption and export markets.

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