LAVASA-The First Planned Hill City of India

LAVASA: Lavasa is the first planned Hill city of India. Lavasa is being developed near Pune and Mumbai and is spread over 25,000 acres. Location and weather of Lavasa First Hill Green City is simply awesome, its located on the bank of river baji pasalkar just behind the varasgaon Dam. Lavasa is surrounded by rolling hills, clouds and seasonal waterfalls and full of green nature beauty. Lavasa During the Monsoon Season.


Lavas city will be completed in four phases, 1st phase is about to complete in 2010 with 1000 villas and 500 apartment named as Dasve. Rest of the phase will complete according to schedule. Complete Project of Lavasa Hill City will be get ready in the new era of world that is 2021.

Till now lavasa city is reachable only by road,no air connectivity is planned till now. Lavasa lake city is approximately an hour’s drive from Pune and 3 hours form Mumbai. There are five ways to reach lavasa hill town by road,one of them is almost developed. Now a day’s lavasa hill city is not unknown for everyone it become the best tourist attraction and India’s best hill station,To enter into the city you need a driving license. Road’s inside the lavasa hill town are really really sexy smooth and curvy, just like a babes, love to drive.

The Hill City “Lavasa” has won many awards as green building awards and degree of excellence for the master plan of Dasve village. The Planned Green Hill City will also include Hospital, Education centers, water sports, Manchester Academy and Lavasa golf course. lavasa golf course spread over 150 acres.

Lavasa is also hosting many sports activity and fashion shows,New year carnival may be celebrate in Lavasa “The best hill city of India”. Once you visit the “Lavasa the first hill city” than your can realize the way future will live here. Take a short drive to Lavasa hill city and enjoy the weather, nature beauty and your Ride.


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