Top 10 Green Cities of India

Indian cities are growing very fast in terms of technology, infrastructure, environment and clearing. The clean and green cities of India such as Guwahati, Dehradun, Bhubaneswar, Shillong, Jaipur and Shimla are the few well planed city of India with big flyovers and expressway, which also offers an excellent green lifestyle. Ahmedabad is the one of most fastest growing city of India, and it has already been honored internationally by ‘Green City of India”. The first planned hill city LAVASA, which is also one of the best going green city in India and Chandigarh is considered as “Ever green city of India”. Shimla the capital of Himachal Pradesh also known as land of God is the heaven in earth and one of the most beautiful, green and clean city of India.These cities looks very beautiful with lush green premises all around and by using natural gas vehicle or CNG to reduce the pollution. The greenest cities in India are very clean and green with trees, plants, lakes and parks but on the other side, due to rising population, the number of slum dwellers also rising in Top Indian Cities.

Top 10 Cities of India which are Cleanest Cities of Country in 2016


Chandigarh is the Capital of two states Punjab and Haryana and at the same time it is one of the 7 beautiful Union Territories of India. The Green city, Chandigarh is located near the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. Chandigarh is the best planned city in India, with architecture which is world-renowned, and offer a quality of life. The beautiful cleanest and greenest city of India Chandigarh is famous for its Rock Garden, Suhana Lake and Rose Garden. Its Eco- friendly  environment makes it one of the ever green city of India.



Nagpur, The Orange city of India, is the largest city of Maharashtra and one of the most popular tourist destination. Nagpur city is dotted with many natural and man-made lakes with Ambazari lake being the largest, The clean and green road with trees and parks around it are one of the major attraction of the Nagpur city. The city of orange is surrounded by many parks and 3 famous wildlife sanctuaries,which are home for many wild animals including Royal Bengal Tiger and recently declared as Tiger Capital of India.



Gandhinagar The capital of Gujarat is a second well planned city of India and one of the greenest cities in India With 32 lakh trees. It is situated on the west banks of the Sabaramati River and about 32 km from another important city of Gujarat, that is Ahmedabad. The green and clean city Gandhinagar is also considered as the “greenest” town in the world. Gandhinagar is famous for Akshardham Temple, Museums, Sarita Udyan and also for its Bandhani Sarees, handicrafts and jewellery.




Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh,”Heart of India” is also known as the “city of lakes”. Bhopal has 33 lakes around the city, The Upper Lake is the oldest man-made lake in India, Locally called as Bada Talab. Bhopal is located at the upper limit of the Vindhya mountain ranges, with two most beautiful lakes and a Van Vihar National Park besides the Upper Lake. The city of lakes is a very beautiful city of Madhya Pradesh, and is surround by the lush green trees and hills.



Jamshedpur, The Steel city of India, also known as Tatanagar, is the first beautifully planned industrial township with amazingly scenic surroundings. The beautiful green city located in the tribal state, Jharkhand and run without a municipality,the responsibility of conservation and maintenance are done Tata Steel. The major attraction of Steel city are Dimna Lake, Jubilee Park, Zoological Park and Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a dense forests in Jamshedpur and rich in flora and fauna.



Thiruvananthapuram formerly known as Trivandrum, is the capital of the Indian state of Kerala “God’s own country“. Trivandrum is a clean city built on seven hills and named after the sacred snake Anantha,It is also known as “The city of the snake god. Thiruvananthapuram is one of the most beautiful, relaxed lovely and evergreen city of Kerala with hills, temples, museums, beaches and natural beauty. Kerala is home for Indian King Kobra, one of the biggest snake in India.



Bangalore or Bengaluru is the the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, The city also known as “The Garden City”. The fastest growing city of India is blessed with a pleasant climate, scenic gardens, beautiful parks and natural lakes. Bengaluru is the Silicon Valley of India, because of its position as the major leading IT hub in India. Bangalore in India is also considered in among one of the most happening city of India.



Delhi, The Capital of India is also quoted as Green Delhi for its lush greenery scattered around the whole city. Some of the buildings in Delhi are designed with the concept going green, along with the environmentally friendly transport. The Clean and Green Delhi has achieved the status of a green city in India.



Hyderabad is the capital of the state Andhra Pradesh,situated on the banks of river Musi. The City of Nawab has a rich history and culture with monuments, mosques and famous for Seven Wonders of Hyderabad. Hussain Sagar Lake is one of the largest man made lake situated at the confluence of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, the twin cities of India. The cyber city of India is well famous for tinkle of colorful bangles, dewy pearls and The aroma of Shahi Biryani.



Pune is the second larget city in the state of Maharashtra also known as cultural capital of Maharashtra. The high tech city, pune is one of the fastest growing city of India and an important IT hub. Pune is located at foothills of Sahyadri Mountains and surrounded by hills and green forest, which makes it one of the greenest areas in the country. The popular attractions of Pune are green parks, big gardens, libraries, museums, amusement ,water parks and the best attractions is the climate of Pune,which remains pleasant throughout the year. Apart from the above, there are so many exotic place, like beaches, hill station and lakes, around Pune to visit and enjoy.



  • I thought Bangalore should have come above in the list – Its one of the greenest city I have seen with so many parks! They love their greenery. The whole state of Kerala is green!

    Destination Infinity

  • Rp.Eswarlal says:

    According to me jaipur is one of fastest growing city in India with green and at the end of 2013 it will be the No 1 city and here i use to saying that why u not published jaipur in top ten position it is one of top ten city in India.

  • sweet girl says:

    I Agree that Chandigarh is a beautiful and planned city but Kerala -on a whole is blessed with greenery and the entire state is green and should be on the top.

  • Harman says:

    Well, green cities doesn’t only include gardens or trees, all aspects are considered like ban of polythene bags, garbage, pollution. Well I see my city toping all aspects of a clean city! thus Chandigarh is surely city beautiful and ever green city.

    • Surjeet says:

      Chandigarh is very well planned city and well ahead of all other cities in India. Its pollution free, traffic is free flowing and about 25% of area is covered by trees. This beatiful city has no match.

  • Ananoymous says:

    Bangalore Should be the first….it is the garden city of India and its greenery is awesome. Chandigarh too

    • Bangalorean says:

      When did you last visit blr bro? The corrupt Govt in Karnataka has cut down 99% of the trees. Its not garden city anymore; it’s the Gutter City of India. The city stinks with open drainage. Corruption here is the way of life.

  • I think that Bhubaneswar,Capital City of Orissa should take a position in top ten green city of India.

  • Mukt says:

    Ha ha..Guys,I guess every one is correct as per their thoughts.
    I will must say that every mentioned cities is Awesome and with amazing beauty.

  • Richie sharma says:

    Why not SHILLONG?it’s more green than any other city in India,maybe in the world too. . . .there’s no such thing as concrete jungle or a barren wasteland,everywhere you go,it’s all lush green,you will only get to see park,gardens and what’s not.The city as a whole looks like as if it’s floating among the dense lush greenery besides a beautiful lake. . .pity that no one takes notice of such a beautiful paradise on a majestic hillside,maybe they don’t know that Shillong is not a city but just a jungle as all the buildings and houses are covered among the greens.

    • admin says:

      Hey Richie,
      I do agree with you my dear friend, I took top 10 in terms of Metro cities and i will definitely took Shillong as one of the wonderful city in my next article.


  • ashley says:

    dehradun is not among the top 15 cities 2 live in but its not among the 10 greenest is strange….We have 4 ways 2 enter dehradun. all all the 4 are covered with dense forests whether it is 2 mussourie or haridwar…all the central forest offices are situated here…v have loads of trees around us which is 1000 times more than delhi or chandigarh.

    • admin says:

      Hey Ashley,
      Thanks for you suggestion,
      I am on my way to explore all beautiful cities like dehradun, shillong and jaipur, these cities will be listed soon here.


  • Yash says:

    Why not Allahabad? Its not a metro city but its so beautiful as it is situated on banks on 2 major rivers of India – Ganga And Yamuna and guys The Indo gangetic plain one of the most fertile regions of the world, and Allahabad is covered by lush greenery all over.

  • Ujjwal says:

    jaipur should b on number 1 in that list

    it is greener one

  • Rajesh Dhama says:

    Delhi should stand 4th or 5th, this is the only city where there are many reserved forest in the middle of city including One 40 sqr KM,.

  • Prashanth.N says:

    Mysore has been listed 2nd cleaniest city in india,it is a utter surprise that it do get charted in your lists

  • ajay kumar sethi says:

    hello Green India…

  • esha says:

    I like ur top 10 green cities…………………rocking yaarrrrrrrrr
    but jhamshedpur and Bangalore is best one yaar.

  • rishu says:

    Bhopal is the best green city of India, the city of lakes and hills.

  • karthik says:

    why not chennai

  • Mahaveer farroda says:

    Jaipur top best city in india.

  • i also agree with chandigrah. seriously its a well planned city. it does not look like india.

    according to me top 10 are
    these are the top 10 green, clean and well planned and also life style
    1> chandigrah (green, clean ,well planned, attractive simply no-1)
    2> new delhi not old (green, clean only)
    3> greater noida (very well planned. widest rodes in india. simply foreign type of planning, great infrastructure. future’s best city of india)
    4> navi mumbai (well planned only)
    5> gurgaon (nice infrastructure, very costly)
    6> noida (green, well planned but not clean and life style is not good)
    7> banglore (green, clean not well planned)
    8> nainital (green, clean, good life style)
    9> aehmdabad
    10> nagpur
    11> gandhinagar

    • admin says:

      Hey Pawan i do agree with you listing, these are few well planned,clean and green cities of India. Thanks for list.

    • Dr. Rajiv Menon says:

      thanxxx a lot for your comments; but the living standard of people in all listed cities are far behind
      to a world class city either in west or east………so pls try to improve that……along with all rest n left
      beauties will take place. Pls remember thy at the Upper Class in every Big n Small Cities in India
      are alike but the huge qty of middle n lower middle class that makes the marginal difference.

      Moreover the huge metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, are having a major or certain
      multiple population than other small cities like Chandigarh and Bhopal…………so that makes the
      margin in cleanliness even though they have lot of Very Clean n Beautiful Places within their huge
      city areas. In no way we can compare the above listed four real Metro Cities in India with the rest
      of cities in main land. So personally I don believe that comparison with Big Metros and not so Big
      Cities are a real comparison at all.

      Thanxxx n Regard

      • admin says:

        Hello Dr Rajiv,
        Thanks for very good comment here, i do agree with you that the comparison with four metro cities of India in terms of population and cost of living with other cities is not possible. Now the other cities of India are growing vey fast with clean,green and heatly environment .

  • Saptarshi Chowdhury says:

    I think that Guwahati and Shillong should have been included in the list. Why is North East India always neglected?

    • admin says:

      Hi Saptarshi, I respect your feeling for Guwahati and Shillong, There two cities are full of Greenery and natural beauty. Actually I took Top 10 metro cities from India and North East states are the treasure of India which never been neglected.

  • Pradeep says:

    According to me Bangalore is one of the greenish n clean city in India,well planned and good quality of life. also 142th rank according to 2011 survey which is top in India. Parks n trees here is awesome, So it should be on top.

  • lalit gambhir says:

    No city is or can remain green if it has mindless concrete structures coming up, vehicles number and population growing. I would like to know if there are places in India which are actually green and could remain so for long time to come…would highly appreciate feedback from those who or their friends/relations are actually staying in those places and can throw some light on life there. Please help as I am looking for such place to move to from my current location- the mad Gurgaon and NCR in general.

    • admin says:

      Hello Mr Lalit, Yes vehicles number and population are growing day by day in India due to that no city or area will remain green. You can not run all the time in search of a green area to live in todays life. We have to make effort to make it clean and green, start from the area you live.

  • pandu says:

    Hyderabad is very ugly with toilets on footpaths. How you can say its clean.

    • jadhavranjith says:

      bullshit…….cn u b with out pouring toilet or vat……hyderabad is only the city which provides overall facilities….ITS…1;green city 2;metropolitan;3;historical4;5*7*hotels..5;BUSIEST AIRPORT6;HEAVLY POPULATED;7;TRENDY8;ZOO PARK;9;MUSEUMS;10;NOW GTNG A METRO RAIL PROJECT;………………………………………………………..WORLDS MOST POPULOUS HYDERABADI BIRYANI AND KABABS…

      • Are you comparing hyd with metro cities or small cities and towns. Where is the greenery in hyd. It is a concrete jungle, highly polluted, narrow roads and heavy traffic. who said hyd is the best city ?

    • chary says:

      Hyderabad is the best….. mumbai and chennai are worst…

      • shirish tiwari says:

        who said Hyderabad is green …………….who said Hyderabad is clean :O and we are not talking about biryani or airports here ……….we are talking about clean and green place which i haven’t seen in Hyderabad …….due to metro rail works and road extension ……..Many tree have been slaughtered ……very old trees 🙁 and i was not able to do anything still slaughtering of trees are going on ……….hyderabad is no more green.

        • stephen dsa says:

          Goa is the richest state of india when it comes under treasure and the standard of peoples living is high in Goa with 89% literacy. Incase of clealiness goan cities are clean with all modern facilities, technology and infrastructure and offcourse incase of beauty Goa is the best ofcourse the international tourists and peoples from different parts of india come here to see the goan beauty fall in love with the beauty of goa settle here and spoil our goa by throwing dust here and there

      • Mumbai and chennai are always better than hyd.

  • bhavesh says:

    guys……there is some mistake to numbering….
    I think surat is also one of green and clean city of india…

  • jadhavranjith says:

    hyderabad is the top most city yaar…….in each and every field its the best yaar

    • admin says:

      Hey Ranjith,
      Yeah its good.

    • shirish tiwari says:

      Please just saying this lines will not help……….roads are not well maintained…..and there is no footpath to walk… we can’t even safely cross roads……traffic is big probs……..tree being cut down to extend road…… Hyderabad is no more green it has lots of pollution and getting polluted day by day…………….go to other places and see how they keep there city clean……polythenes and banned around from 3 years back in bhopal and in hyderabad only 4 months back this law has been enforced.

      • admin says:

        Hi Shirish, I agree with your comment.
        It’s not possible that every corner of city can be green and clean by Govt. only. It’s also responsibility of citizen to maintain the greenery around. Take initiative to clean your area and Plant few trees that will make a big difference.

    • What a joke. It is concrete jungle. Its just one of the metro city in india

  • Amol says:

    I thinkk you all guys don’t see Nagpur City, The Roads, Trees around roads, Sancturies Make Nagpur one of the most beautiful city in India.

  • first of all the above comments written by u all dont even know about the beauty of jharkhand and its heart city jamshedpur which is surrrounded by lush green environment of forests lakes and sanctuaries……ppl this is about top 10 green cities not best cities so jamshedpur is the most greenest and cleanest of all….go and visit once

  • Ravi says:

    Good on guys bangalore seems to be the bad planned city cause its one of the early planned cities . I have lived in bangalore and in urban bangalore lacks nothing its green . Clean etc its beautiful but chandigar is growing up now and can be better planned. Bangalore still includes everything.

  • Md Mudassar says:

    Y nt guwahati,my Dr frands,guwahati iz also a big and green city of India,plz dont neglect Northeast my frands,its also apart of India.

  • Raj S Madankar says:

    About the Nagpur, its very wrong, nothing is like that, only 35 to 40 % Nagpur is green, rather i can say, its a Polluted and smogey city, Orange city is no far we can say (its a Sangha {RSS} city), people of here doses not get Oranges in the city.
    Other Attractions :
    1) Asia’s biggest Food & Vegetable market in Nagpur names as Kalamna.
    2) Asia’s biggest Timber market named as Lakadganj.
    3) Asia’s biggest Govt. Medical college in Nagpur.
    4) Most favourable environment for Sonpapdi.
    5) Origin pt of Rashtriya Swyamsevek Sangha RSS.
    6) It is Centre of the India Zero Mile.
    7) Asia’s 2nd biggest Cricket stedium at Jamtha.
    8) India’s biggest Power plants in Koradi & Khaperkheda
    9) Very soon, its becoming capital of TIGER and Ayurveda.
    …….But Nagpur is missing too much for the lack of River, see shore, Hill station, Parks, Metro rail, Cargo Hub, film city, amusnment park, 5* & 7* hotels/motels, geniounly Spiritual place, management of star bus, more n more greenary, good political hands….

    • admin says:

      Hi Raj,
      Very well written, though its not that much green but still has a rank with all these facts. Yeah its has lots of great attraction as given by you.Thanks for commenting.

  • why u ppl r gettin so much obsessed by ur cities….we all know abt the cities in india….its not dat anyne is of less imporance…its only abt the clean and green cities…not abt having grt hotels,malls or being of a metropolitan status(with a lot of kachda in between) instead if u hav a clean city with lot of greenery it will hav a higher rank than the prev. one….cz its abt green and clean cities,as simple as dat.

  • pradeep says:

    i am agree with ur list but if you are talking about metro cities then pune city should be listed at top 1. i am not from pune but i am saying that pune’s climate n it’s green enviroment is completely different than the other cities of india as well as pune is only the largest city in india which is surrounded by largest valley area and green mountains.
    if u r not agree then u can go there to see…

    • admin says:

      Hello Pradeep, I am agree with you, Pune is one of the best and green city in India to live, Its climate and environment are pretty awesome.

  • ankit says:

    delhi is a worst city it should not be in the list. there are many cities you have left…..hope you make a more accurate list next time….still its a good effort..!

  • Hira says:

    I love my Tatanagar ‘Jamshedpur’.

  • usman says:

    i still think it is bangalore ,some trees were cut down to bring development (metro rail,mall,it companies) but still it has greenish atmosphere. the government is taking steps to maintain the greenish of bangalore they are planting lots of trees and the development work is going on in bangalore city maybe after 10 years the entire image of bangalore will change it will become more developed and greenish when these trees grow up.

    • Adi Karnataka says:

      I agree.!! Bengaluru is still green city as well as high rise city.! I think it shud be at 2 or least 3 rd spot.! 🙂

  • susanta kumar dalabehera says:

    It’s very nice to see that our incredible india is preparing a greenery country in future.But i’m very disappointing that Bhubaneswar (Odisha) is not describe.Please describe about the green and temple city of odisha Bhubaneswar.

  • deepak says:

    Hi buddy u forgot to mention jaipur………………..
    i think its among top 5 cities of India in every aspect….

    • admin says:

      Hey Deepak,
      I’am agree with your comment, That’s why i mention about the Jaipur and other clean and green city of India at top of the page. I will include all these beautiful cities to my next post.
      Thanks for your comment, keep visiting.

  • deepak says:

    yeap………… i got that

    btw thanx for including jaipur…….

    m waitin for ur list of most beautiful cities…..

  • deepak says:

    one more thing i want to tell u
    we(jaipur) r goin to have metro soon……. by the end of june 2013

    • Adi Karnataka says:

      Congratulation.!! Hope its 7th city to have metro (Working- Delhi, Kolkatta, Bangalore. Under construction-chennai, surat, hyd)! This is a sign of Developing India! cheers.! Jai hind.! 🙂

  • Prabahan Puzari says:

    Guwahati is one of the most beautiful cities of india. It is a god gifted city with all the beauties along with mighty Brahmaputra. Guwahati the city of eastern lights and gateway to north east is one of the major metros of india. Guwahati now a days also can named as a metro city of india

  • Prabahan Puzari says:

    I also want to tell that Guwahati is one of the most greeny, dynamic city of india and people enjoy their stylish lifestyle here everyday. The night view and night life of the city is just amazing. Guwahati is one of the rocking and fabulous city of india.

  • Rahul says:

    i wonder nobody ever visited cochin.!!!!….there s no other city n india as pleasent n greenish as cochin..!

    • Adi Karnataka says:

      I visited bro :)..Yea its a gud city, but frankly speaking city is full of garbage & open drainage.!! ! I dont think so its a green & beautiful city!

  • Sukharam patel says:

    Why no shimala that’s india’s number.1 grean & clean city

  • sagar says:

    Jaipur is no green city. all is lier. Real Green city is banglore. & asia no. green city is delhi

  • hay dipak,
    i agry u ….jaipur city is fasted in IndIa … park and road location very butiful ..

  • Suresh says:

    very well information and i am proud to my India….

  • ram says:

    jamshedpur rocks.THE GREEN AND CLEAN CITY OF INDIA.

  • Hazzu says:

    Sry guys, no comments frm my side. But only 1 request, pls visit calicut. Situated in northern side of kerala. I agree its a real face of gods own country.

  • deepin dua says:

    what a lovely

  • Sushanth says:

    I tink Thiruvananthapuram
    bcs peoples r here is good in any circumstans

  • Admst.i thnk,shilong n nenitaal shld b aded in ur nxt article.

  • ashish says:

    why bokaro is not in green cities of india

  • sandesh says:

    Sangli should also included. if cant believe live over there for few days and realize.

  • Nayan says:

    I think VADODARA is the green and beautiful city of India.
    East or west VADODARA is the best.

    • shekhar says:

      yes indeed…i have been to vadodra many times …i like it..infact gujarat as a whole is beautiful…thanks to their people…gujaratis are buisness minded but very nice…..!

  • Gurpreet says:

    Chandigarh is well planned n vry intellect people r live here……

    • mukesh says:

      kya sab log cndigarh ki tarif hi karte rahoge mera Datia shahar jo hai pure india ka number one shahar hai.

  • Akshay Mangalore says:

    All the developed cities of India should not forget the matter that….how much developed the cities will be in future that much deadly disease awaits them!!
    As per the Chineese report ” To develop the country citizens of that country should always support the Industries which leave out Poisonous Air &water to the envoirnment,cutting of trees for development purposes,agricultural land should be given to the Govt. for widening of roads ..without that the country cannot be developed!!”
    only then the country will be Developed.

  • Kiran says:

    why not added kochi. kochi is greenful and Queen of Arabian sea

  • hi im frm allahabad i think my city is very beautifull and histrical in india i like my city

  • Jatin Bhalla says:

    From above given 10 cities I am familiar with 5 cities i.e. Chandigarh, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore & Hyderabad but if i Delhi it is not so green as it would have to be.
    The pollution in Pune & Bangalore is also increasing Day by Day

    Else Polythene bags are causing big problem in these areas or can say in almost all our India it a serious problem causing Environmental Hazards + Cows are also dying due to its consumption and it also make place dirty. So avoid the use of polybags and move to towards clean Environment.
    I hope that Admin will try their level best to promote this message. Thanks Bye Tc

  • ROCKY says:


  • pwdpl says:

    Hey dear, @pawan damase your list is totally wrong. Here Green Stays for less pollution, higher tree plantation, and low noise, higher recycling zone, higher atmosphere friendly garbage & rubbish, and most one more less polythene use. are called as green. for making list of top 10 you have to make survey for every above important things. i am from Gandhinagar, here polythene use is against the law of our city. have to use environment friendly bags and more other things to follow to save environment.. if some one want to cut a tree, than he have to get permission from forest deparment, if not taken permission and cut tree himseft, than on tree counting team will get one less tree and its location than make legal case for it against nearest living person for cutting tree or not complaining for that tree cutting by some one else.. if you not know that gandhinagar won the reputation of first number green town of asia for 5 years. than you have not to comment here…. LOL 🙂


  • Pinky singh says:

    Havn’t u visited shimla ever? And u know it is capital of which state? HIMACHAL! The best state recommended by white foreigners, news channel and tourists. And its more cleaner than CHANDIGARH,BENGLURU,KERELA etc. I m not from shimla but punjab but u know still i like QUEEN OF HILLS-SHIMLA

  • Dipika thakur says:

    Truely said pinky. Who so ever comes shimla he would have an attachment with it and using plastic bags are totally banned here. It has been declared as smoking free city and hardly there is any factory here. DON’T JUST VISIT SHIMLA, FEEL IT AND U WILL COME TO KNOW ABOUT ITs BEAUTY

  • tanshi says:

    yes chandigarh is a great place,very clean and green.

  • stephen dsa says:

    this article is absolutely wrong coz, goa is one of the richest and fastest developing state of India with clean cities spread with gardens and parks.
    The richest roman catholic churchs play an important role in the beauty of goan cities which are richer where peoples of other parts of india like delhi, mumbai, karnataka, north indians, south indians and east indians come here to stay by seeing the beauty and richness of goa who have spoilt our goa and its cleanliness & richness by robbing our treasure

  • Rakesh Satapathy says:

    come to bhubaneswar & see what is called a green city.I have visited all the cities mentioned above.Believe bhubaneswar is the most beautiful & green city ever….

  • haisha says:

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Lpsidhu says:

    Admin…I Agree with u ,Chandigarh is the best planned ,pollution free,cleanest and developed city of India.EAST OR WEST CHANDIGARH IS BEST…..

    • vishal says:

      just u agree no one else agrees

      • International survey says this thing too! I know all other area of Punjab is not clean and green! but I have to say that Chandigarh rocks and every time survey says this. Please Don’t fight make your surroundings cleans and green. Don’t cut trees. Don’t throw anything anywhere, use dustbins. Don’t break traffic rules which are so strict in Chandigarh. So don’t fight do all such activities. then your cities will be in the list too. Alot of pubs, too many historical places makes a city to visit but it is your responsibility to welcome others. I welcome you all to visit Chandigarh!

    • Tushar Kanta Prusty says:

      A lot of things come into equation. Population growth, financial growth, job creation and a dozen of other things. Bigger cities have huge population, which is very difficult to handle..Take Mumbai for example..Population of Mumbai is more than 10 times the population of Chandigarh, which makes it difficult to maintain the greenery. So, only smaller cities are on top here. In cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, population is increasing at a rapid rate. It is taking toll on city’s traffic, air quality and of course greenery.

  • Vishal says:

    India’ most big city nagpur as 1 vca jatha world good cricket stdium, 2 nice cergo hub 3 india cantral zero mail ,4 gesh mandir sai mandia,4railway sation,and most beutiful geen city celn rood the orenge city in india , secend capital stat maharastra Nagpur world &india’s big city, thank you



  • Kuldip Singh says:

    I think Chandigarh is the greenest city in India

  • My city CHANDIGARH is clean and is well known in world…tabhi kehte hain’chandigarh de nazareyan ne pateya’,,,chandigarh rocczzzzzz…all remainig cities r beutiful b nt as my chandigarh…huuuuu

    • ayan mishra says:

      Aur bhi state ghoom k dekho toh pata chal jayega……

      • Chandigarh is not only the city of Punjab. And Chandigarh being small in area holds the population of South India, North India, East India, North East India Central and Western India. Even then Chandigarh is clean and developed being highly populated. You are true if Chandigarh is under Pujnab Admin, then Chandigarh will be like other punjabi cities. But chandigarh is UT also. So it is governed by UT or Central Govt.

      • Raman says:

        but chandigarh jiase nai hai all over india…i saw every state..ii am also from chandigarh..

  • vamsi kumar says:

    my city visakhapatnam is clean n green u people just go to goole n typ visakhapatnam n watch it u vil be surprised n also type araku valley in visakhapatnam n watch da wonders

    • Surya Kumar says:

      Visakhapatnam should be added in the list of green cities in India. Visakhapatnam may called as city of natural beauty as it most of the parts of the city surrounded by the natural beauty with lush green hills on north and south sides of the city and beautiful beaches on the east side of the city. Just Visit Visakhapatnam in Google Images and Maps, Every one will agree that Visakhapatnam is the best green and beautiful city among all million plus cities in India.

    • mentosss says:

      go and type worlds best city 2009 u will get your answer

  • Kamal Sharma says:

    My India is clean & green, i proud to be Indian

  • Rio says:

    “if there is paradise on earth”, it would be Nagaland. THANK U ALL

  • sharon says:

    my trivandrum is best

  • tushar gabani says:

    aap koi ne gandhinagar dekha hai???? ek bar hamare gujarat me aa ke dekho bad me pata chalega ki green city kisko kehte hai….there are 36 lakhs tree in only gandhinagar…..

  • aliana gautam says:

    East or West my Delhi is best

  • Jyothish nair says:

    sabka baap mumbai

  • srajan raje says:

    my best city in Chandigarh

  • yuva says:

    where is my chennai?

  • anoop says:

    Referred to by Mahathma Gandhi, as the ‘Evergreen City of India’ Thiruvananthapuram, also known as Trivandrum is the capital of State of Kerala, the ‘Gods Own country’.

  • pawan says:

    Pune is most beautiful and natural place. I like this place.

  • Diksha Patel says:

    chandigarh has a well planned city ever and has less traffic in road… in 1st possition cleanest city rating in india…. love chandigarh and le corbousier…

  • Natasha Kapur says:

    Thank U for this knowledge

  • parag says:

    SERIOUSLY .U GUYS SHOULD COME TO BHOPAL ONCE……ur views will definitly change

  • ratna says:

    None of the states in India are beautiful and the people itself are not beautiful by heart

  • Syed Shariq Ahmed says:


  • Salman Tumkur says:

    Har ek Jagah Khoobsurat Hoti Hai, But Yeh Logon Ke Upar Depend Hota Hai Ke Usko Kaise Rakhen, aur yeh Govt Ke Upar Bhi Depend Hota Hai Ke Uski Dekh Bhaal Karen, Par aap Sab Log To Jaante Hain Ke Hamari Govt Kaisi Hai, Yeh Log Sirf Bade Shehron Ko Improve Karne Me Lage Rehte Hain, Aur Koi Chote Sheher Ko Puchta tak Nahi, but Yeh to sab Jante Insaan Chahe Jitna Bhi Khoobsurat Ho, uska Ek Chota sa Daag Usko Sharminda Kar deta Hai…

  • Hitesh says:

    From my experience, any city/town in Kerala is much clean and green than the cities mentioned above.

  • job robson says:

    coimbatore best place to live in india. cool climate, good peoples, well infrastructure.

  • kumar says:

    coimbatore is the nice place in india. good climate.

  • Ramya says:

    I love Mysore………………

  • divya says:

    Meri bharat mahan.i think every place is beautiful if the people living in that place are is just the state of your mind and coordinated actions.a true indian is really beautiful

  • Shashank Singh says:

    What the hell is nagpur doing in this list?….. I really insist the creator(s) of this list to come to nagpur once…. I bet you will remove it immediately from the list….. and by the way Pune ROCKS!!!!!!!

  • SRIJITH says:

    Seriously Delhi!!!! How can the most polluted city in the world be part of most green city list???

    • Amit says:

      Delhi is among the greenest definitely – But at the same time green cover is not sufficient to absorb the highest amount of pollution city has. So thats why its greenest and polluted at the same time.
      Same way India is 10th richest country in the World but still poor due to population

  • Nisha Sharma says:

    Jaipur and Udaipur…are world’s no. 1 cities. U can see on youtube.

  • Manohar Kaushik says:

    It’s Not Suhana Lake It”s Sukhna Lake I am A citizen Of Chandigarh And I know That

  • Rohit says:

    once u come in chandigarh ..will forget all …its like anything…luvvv uuuu chandigarh.

  • Ankit kumar says:

    Both bokaro and Jamshedpur are in jharkhand. Jamshedpur is spread over an areas of 64 kmsq whereas bokaro steel city is spr3d over an area of 183 kmsq.bokaro is a 35% green cover city official report. Including steel plant .
    The township and big water body spread over an area of 50 kmsq are mor2 then 40% green.more over city park of bokaro is spread over 250 acres of land and bokaro zoo is the largest in state spread over an area of 200 acres.
    There are more then 60 lakh trees planted in city of bokaro covering a green area of 64 kmsq green belt that is equal to the area of Jamshedpur Jamshedpur .
    So pls come to bokaro and have a survey pls.

  • sid says:

    North eastern states along with kashmir are way different from the other parts of india in beauty & scenic ecstasy.Do visit.

  • Ayush Arya says:

    Banglore, the most beautiful and green city all around the India. All the cities are good but Banglore is on top from my side…

  • Diptanu Chaudhuri says:

    we can reverse the process of global warming by reforestation of deserts.This will help us to eradicate poverty ,pollution,global warming and climate change.This is very much essential for survival living beings in this planet.

    The afforestation of deserts had already been started in some parts of the world like Gobi desert in China ,desert in Israel etc.In India It can be started in Rajasthan.

    • I agree but reforestation of desert land does not going to help, we need desert land as well for Environmental balance.
      I would say start planting tress and save the rest we have.

  • Tushar Kanta Prusty says:

    A lot of things come into equation. Population growth, financial growth, job creation and a dozen of other things. Bigger cities have huge population, which is very difficult to handle..Take Mumbai for example..Population of Mumbai is more than 10 times the population of Chandigarh, which makes it difficult to maintain the greenery. So, only smaller cities are on top here. In cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, population is increasing at a rapid rate. It is taking toll on city’s traffic, air quality and of course greenery. So, we need to maintain our country’s population and try to distribute the entire population equally.

  • Sumit Chakraborty says:

    I think these guys haven’t visited Mangalore and Mysore, these are also one of the best green cities in India

  • Shantanu says:

    कोल्हापुर….one and only

  • Aniket says:

    guys i think INDIA is the paradise of the Whole World. !!

  • Shekh Anish says:

    Kabhi Jamshedpur aakar dekho

  • Sandesh Pawar says:

    But according govrnen yojna magzin. Aagrtala is first green city in india

  • Rajesh Kumar says:

    he is from gujrat

  • Sumit Dash says:

    Apna Apna cities me trees plant karo fir aap ka bhi City ek din top 10 list me ajayega.

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