The 5 Big Species of Antelope’s in India

Antelopes are wild hoofed animals with horns, live on grasslands of India and known for their graceful build. There are only four species of antelope found in India, Black Buck,Chinkara Gazelle,Nilgai and Four Horned Antelope.

The Goat-antelope is a sub species of antelope, Other grazing wild animals are species of deer such as sambhar,chital and barasingha. Antelopes are different then deer and Gazelle, all species of antelope have pointed hollow and permanent horns, while deer have branched and their antlers shed annually.

Elegant Species of Deer Antelopes and Wild Goats of India

Nilgai/Blue Bull


Nilgai, The blue bull is unlike antelope,Nilgai has a body of horse and face of a cow. Nilgai,the largest Asian antelope is one of the most commonly seen wild animal across India, live on a variety of land types from hillsides to level ground. The blue bull antelopes are found all across India, nilgai are a cow and hence sacred, has protected it against hunting.

Black Buck/Indian Antelope


The Indian antelope native to the Indian subcontinent used to be found all over India, unfortunately fall in endangered species due to illegal hunting, heavy poaching and habitat loss.

The famous Indian black buck antelope is one of the prettier antelope in India,live in open plains, grass lands, dry thorn and scrub lands.Black Buck also known by the name of Kala Hiran,The graceful animals might face the threat of extinction, if the habitat was not expanded.

Chinkara/Indian Gazelle


Chinkara, The Indian Gazelle is basically a kind of antelope lives in grasslands and desert areas in India. The Cinkara gazelle can be seen in most of the National Parks in India but the best wildlife parks is Gir, Panna and Ranthambore in Rajasthan.

Chinkara gazelle population is also facing threat of extermination and the danger in India. Chinkara is one of the smallest Asiatic antelope found in India.

Chousingha/Four Horned Antelope


The Four Horned Antelope is the the smallest Asian bovines, mostly found in state of Tamilnadu, Orissa and Gir Forest in Rajasthan.Chousingha or Four-horned antelopes live in open ground to dry deciduous forests of hills.



Goat-antelope is another type of antelope found in India,mostly known as mountain goat, other species are Serow, an antelope-like mammal,Ghoral, species of goat antelope and endangered Nilgiri Tahr a major species of wild goat and one of the wild animal of great Himalayas.

Species of deer found in India are sambhar a large deer, chital and barasingha, other are Hog Deer with short legs and a stocky figure, they are not as commonly seen as spotted deer or sambar deer.

Indian Muntjac also known as Barking Deer is one of the small species of deer’s are found all across India. Check the link for Elegant Species of Deer Antelopes and Wild Goats of India.

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