10 Most Famous Pillars and Stambha of India

There are list of lesser known towers, minars and pillers in India, Qutb Minar is the tallest brick minaret in the world and Fateh Burj is the tallest minar in India.

Iron Pillar, Delhi

The iron pillar of Delhi standing at 23 ft in the Qutb complex at Mehrauli. Iron pillar weight over 6,000 kg and notable for the rust resistant composition metal.

Pillars of Ashoka, Vaishali


Pillars of Ashoka are a series of columns in Indian subcontinent. One of the Pillars of Ashoka is located in Vaishali having a single lion capital and another inside the Allahabad Fort, known as Allahabad pillar or Ashoka Stambha.

Sun Pillar, Puri

Sun Pillar at the main entrance of Jagannath Temple of Puri is a 25 feet tall pillar. This pillar is locally known as the Aruna Stambha.

Heliodorus Pillar, Vidisha

Heliodorus pillar in Vidisha also known as Khamb Baba is a stone column or Khambaba. The pillar supported a statue of Garuda and there are two inscriptions on the pillar.

Vijaya Stambha, Chittorgarh Fort


Vijaya Stambha at Chittorgarh fort was constructed by King Rana Kumbha. The imposing victory tower at Chittor Fort is a mus see monument in Rajasthan.

Kirti Stambha, Chittor Fort


Kirti Stambha at Chittorgarh fort in Rajasthan is a 22 metre high tower. The tower was built by a Jain merchant, another most famous Kirti Stambh is located at Hutheesing Jain Temple in Ahmedabad.

Dhwaja Stambh, Ellora Caves

Dhwaja Stambh are flag banner, installed in front of the temples, very common feature in most of the most South Indian Temples. Dhwaja Stambh sculpture at Kailasanatha Temple of Ellora is one of the famous Dhwaja Stambh in India.

Deep Jyoti Stambh


Deep Jyoti Stambh are found in Hindu temples and used for illuminating diya during the Hindu community festivals. Harsiddhi Temple in Ujjain Madhya Pradesh has one of the tallest Deep Jyoti Stambh in India followed by Shanta Durga Temple in Goa and Khandoba Temple in Jejuri.


Manastambha are located at front of Jain temples. Some of the well known Jain manastambhas are Manastambhas of Shravanabelagola,Manastambha at Shikharji at Madhuvan, Kirti Stambh of Hutheesing Jain Temple and Manasthamba at Ajmer Jain temple.

Fateh Burj

Fateh Burj is the Victory Tower and also the tallest minar in India. The Victory Tower is situated in the historical village of Chappar Chiri of Punjab.

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