10 Indian Spices Found and Grown in Kerala

There are variety of spices grown across the Indian subcontinent, most of spices are grown in different parts of the country with different climates. Kerala is known as the spice capital of India, Here is the list of Indian spices found and grown in Kerala, especially in Kozhikode, the City of Spices of Kerala. Image Source – Incredible India.

Pepper – काली मिर्च


Black pepper is most common spices of Indian cuisine, native to South India. Wild pepper grows in the Western Ghats region of India along with Indian long pepper.

Clove – लौंग

Cloves are actaully flower buds, commonly used as Indian spice and harvested in Kerala.

Cardamom – इलायची

Cardamom are native to India and also cultivated in some other countries,

Cinnamon – दालचीनी

Cinnamon is a spice used in both sweet and savoury foods,native to India.

Nutmeg – जायफल

Nutmeg is most important commercial spice, cultivated in Kerala.

Star Anise – चक्र फूल

Star Anise used as a spice in preparation of masala chai and biryani in India.

Ginger – अदरक

Ginger have originated from the Indian subcontinent and has a role in masala chai, Indian spices and traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Turmeric – हल्दी

Turmeric is used in Indian traditional medicine as well as in many vegetable dishes.

Cambodge – मालाबार इमली


Cambodge fruit is known as Malabar Tamarind or Kodampuli in Kerala used as traditional spice in seafood.

Tamarind – इमली

Tamarind cultivated on the Indian subcontinent and play one of the central role in the cuisines of India.

Calicut – Kozhikode 


Kozhikode or Calicut is known as City of Spices and also a centre for commodities rubber,lemon grass and pepper. Calicut is the third largest city in Kerala and list of tourist attractions in Kozhikode include Kappad Beach, Beypore sea bridge,Thusharagiri Falls and Kozhikode Beach.

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