10 International Female Travelers Exploring Incredible India

Tourism in India is a growing industry and Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Agra and Jaipur are the top five most visited cities of India by foreign tourist. Promotion of types of tourism in India by Visa policy, Incredible India campaign and blog writing are best way to invite foreign tourist in India.

Sharell Cook, Australia -TripSavvy

Sharell Cook

Sharell Cook is an Australian writer and author, lives in Mumbai but traveled the length and breadth of India. An Australian living the dream and writing about India travel with beautiful photographs, also write about India for Tripsavvy.

Blog link: https://www.tripsavvy.com/sharell-cook-1538714

Mariellen Ward, Canada – BreatheDreamGo


Breathedreamgo travel information site by Mariellen Ward, a solo female traveler from Toronto, Canada  and she is exploring India like no one else. She is a freelance travel writer and blogger, promote and encourage women to travel solo safely through the length and breath of the country.

Blog link: https://breathedreamgo.com/

Philippa Kaye, England – MemSahibInIndia


Philippa Kaye is an internationl travel and writer, specialist in travel to India with itineraries and experiences. Memsahibinindia show’s her endless discovery and highlights about India from Marwari horses to Himalayan mountains, The Ganges to Sagar Island.

Blog link: http://memsahibinindia.com/

Ellie Quinn, United Kingdom – TheWanderingQuinn


Ellie Quinn from England is traveling for a long time across the 60 + countries and Ayurveda from India fascinates her along with yoga and meditation, still have plans to learn a lot more about Ayurveda in India.

Blog link: https://thewanderingquinn.com/

Rhiannon, New Zealand – WalesToWherever


Wales to Wherever is a solo female travel blog by Rhiannon, currently living life in New Zealand but travelled overland from Nepal to India and also visited all of the New7Wonders of the World.

Blog link: https://walestowherever.com/

Emily Luxton, United Kingdom – EmilyLuxton


Emily Luxton is a full time travel blogger and constantly travelling, travelled to more than 40 countries across five continents. She has listed 21 best solo female travel destinations in India and the list is mind blowing with the content, places and pictures.

Blog link: https://www.emilyluxton.co.uk/

Natalia, Europe – MyTripHack


Natalia from Eastern Europe was fascinated by Indian cultures, traditions and places. Her blog is built to get more information for the readers about practical experience of living and traveling in India and South Asia.

Blog link: https://mytriphack.com/

Amelie, Canada – MostlyAmelie


Amelie decided to get rid of her day to day life started being a backpacker to travel across the world. She covered most the popular Indian destinations for first time visitors like Goa and interested ti visit Mumbai, Varanasi, Delhi and the whole Royal Rajasthan.

Blog link: https://mostlyamelie.com/

Dianne Sharma Winter, New Zealand – WomenTravel

Dianne Sharma Winter from New Zealand is the Author of Chasing Shiva book, She organizes tours, promotes India travel and writes about volunteering in India.

Blog link: http://www.womentravelmotherindia.com

Rachel Jones, United States – HippieInHeels


Rachel Jones lived on the beaches of Goa and her blog will show you another side of India. After quitting her job in the U.S., She set off for a 3 month solo trip to mother India and ended up living in a country with best beaches, high mountains and nightclubs in Goa. Blog link: https://hippie-inheels.com/

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