10 Haunted Places in Kolkata You Should Know

Kolkata is a city of beautiful extremes. From its old-world charm, its rich culture and food to its stunning vistas, the city has a lot of pleasant things to offer. However, the city also has some sinister traits to it as is evident from many of its famous locales. Several places in Kolkata are known to be haunted and have given people some supernatural experiences over the years.
Take a look at Ten Most Haunted Places in Kolkata that you should not visit after dark.

Writers Building


The iconic Writers Building, which is known to be the office of many a famous politician, is also infamous for being haunted. Over the years, there have been various incidents of giggles and ghostly screams emanating out of the various corners of the 300-year-old building at night. It is said that some of the vacant rooms in the vast building may hold some of its secrets.  

Putulbari House of Dolls

Located near the Sovabazar jetty, this place gives the feel of an old horror film. The huge building has architecture that is of Roman style and is filled with various dolls. It is said that in the olden times, wealthy babus used to sexually exploit women in this place. And today, the spirits of those women are said to roam the putulbari. Noise of anklets, bangles and female laughter can often be heard in this place.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

This famous metro station of Kolkata has had several suicide incidents over the past decade or so. On several instances, the metro drivers and the last passengers of the rail have reported to seeing some creepy figures roam about near the tracks. Many people avoid this metro station at night these days.

National Library


One of the most famous places in the city which attracts countless book lovers is also very spooky. The National Library in Kolkata is a massive building and over the past many years noises of footsteps have been heard from its different corners on several occasions. Some librarians, too, have complained that they have felt their chairs being dragged and books being dropped many times. That the library is so silent adds to its spookiness.

Under the Howrah Bridge


One of the most historical locations of the country has something very eerie about it as well. There is a bank under the Howrah Bridge – right near the Mullick Ghat flower market and Zenana Bathing Ghat – which has seen several unfortunate incidents of drowning and suicides. Practicing wrestlers and other people near the spot have seen some hands thrashing above the waters near the banks on the wee hours of the morning several times. It is said that people now avoid the place during nights and early mornings.

The Hastings House

This ancient building, located in Alipore, is named after the Governor General Warren Hastings and currently is a women’s college. Over the years, the college students have seen some spooky and supernatural events happening inside the college. There were some reports where a girl was possessed by the spirit of a boy and a young student dying unnaturally on the football field. Slowly, The Hastings House has made its way as one the most haunted houses in Kolkata.

Royal Calcutta Turf Club

The Royal Calcutta Turf Club or Calcutta Race Course is believed to have the ghost and in the list of top 10 most haunted places in city of Kolkata.

Nimtala Crematorium

Burning ghats are, in any case, eerily spooky. The Nimtala Crematorium in Kolkata is known to be a notoriously haunting place where deep within its confines, aghoris are known to devour human flesh and blood and chant to Shamshaan Kali summon her. People now generally stay away from even the borders of the crematorium during nights.

Lower Circular Road Cemetery

Lower Circular Road Cemetery is another Cemetery in Kolkata, known for paranormal activities. The haunted cemetery is also located on the crossing of Mother Teresa Sarani.

South Park Street Cemetery


South Park Street Cemetery of Kolkata is one of the most haunted places in the city,located on Mother Teresa Sarani. The Cemetery has a glorious past and one of the earliest non church cemeteries in the world, now a haunted heritage and abandoned site, protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

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