10 Real Life Dragon Like Creatures Found in India

There is No Dragon like Creatures Found in the Indian Mythology but the Pangolin, Flying Lizard,Gliding Snake and Megabats are the closest match. We came up with a list of animals who have real life dragon like features such as flying ability,scaly armour,distinctive tail and venom, Here is the list of dragon like animals found in India giant monitor, Indian Pangolin, Himalayan Salamander, Flying Snake and Fan Lizard.

1. Draco Dussumieri- Southern Flying Lizard


Draco Dussumieri also known as Southern Flying Lizard found in the Western Ghats region of India is a species of agamid lizard with capability of flying or gliding from tree to tree. The southern flying lizards are arboreal,diurnal and feeds on insects.

2. Varanus Bengalensis – Bengal Monitor

Bengal Monitor found distributed all over the Indian Subcontinent, mostly found in dry forest, river valleys and semiarid desert habitats. The common Indian monitor is one of the largest species of lizard found in India.

3. Manis Crassicaudata – Indian Pangolin


Pangolin or scaly anteater has very much similar features of a dragon, its overlapping scales are act as armour. Indian Pangolin is nocturnal and threatened by hunting for meat medicine and have become world’s most hunted animal.

4. Chrysopelea – Flying Snake


Chrysopelea or Flying Snake is a mildly venomous species from family Colubridae, found in the Indian subcontinent. Ornate flying snake also called the golden tree snake is the largest species of flying snake, found in Western Ghats in Maharashtra.

5. Saara Hardwickii – Spiny Tailed Lizard


Saara Hardwickii or Indian Spiny Tailed Lizards are found in the desert areas of Rajasthan in India and hunted by local peoples. The lizards has distinctive tail with spiny scales, which is somehow related to matches with drgon tail.

6. Flying Fox – Megabats

Flying Fox India

Vampire Bats, Fruit bats or flying foxes,megabats and vampire bats are the only mammals with capability of flying. Megabats can be very closely associated with flying dragons, Indian flying fox is the largest species of bats found in India.

7. Mugger Crocodile


The mugger crocodile is closely related to dragon that mostly inhabits freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers of India. Crocodiles are skilled predator and ambush hunters, very aggressive in nature and a serious threat to humans.

8. Crocodile Salamander – Himalayan Newt

Himalayan Newt or Himalayan Salamander is a amphibian with limb and tail, Salamander can change their sexes during the breeding season and also found in habitats of Darjeeling.

9. Sitana Ponticeriana – Fan Throated Lizard


Sitana Ponticeriana or Fan Throated Lizard is the most beautiful species of agamid lizard,found mostly on the ground in Maharashtra and Southern India. Fan throated are five new species of fan throated lizards distributed across the Indian Subcontinent.

10. Scolopendra Hardwickei – Tiger Centipede


Indian Tiger Centipede or Scolopendra hardwickei is largest species of centipede found in India. Centipedes gives you a look of dragon with its long legs and appearance, however there are more animals with features like dragon in India such as Gliding Frog,Tarantula,Octopus,Coconut crab,Scorpion,Dragonfly, Millipede, Legless lizard, Dragon fish,goonch catfish and Crocodile also share dragon like features.

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