10 River Cruises In India For Next Vacation

Angriya and Nefertiti cruise service from Mumbai and Kerala have uplifted the cruise tourism sector in India, India’s first premier cruise, Angriya and Nefertiti, the first luxury cruise ship in Kerala are about to start it cruise tourism in India.

Looking to get close to the nature with a different kind of fun and experience to discover lesser known culture of India. Here are top 10 best river cruises from India that you should to explore in your next vacation.

Kerala Backwater Cruise


Backwaters of Kerala should be on top of your next vacation list and the Houseboat Cruising is the most most happening thing to do. Cruising on the eco friendly cruise boats through the backwaters of Kerala offers wonderful,romantic and memorable experiences.

Sunderbans Boat Cruise

Sunderbans luxury cruise through the mangrove forest offers best experiences of wildlife diversity and breathtaking beauty of estuarine national park. Luxury Sundarban cruise by Vivada takes you through the haipib bends of rivers, lagoons and mangrove forest.

Ganges Heritage Cruise

Ganges heritage cruise on the banks of the lower Ganges river is the best way to explore the city. The waterway dotted with list of historical sites, monuments and beauty of holy river Ganga.

Chilika Lake Cruise

Chilika Lake of brackish water lagoon is nestled in the heart of the coastal Odisha and host of islands with full of most beautiful birds. The lake is also the most important wetlands in the world and home to a phenomenal variety of birds like plovers, ospreys and shovellers.

Mandovi River Cruise

Mandovi river cruise near Panjim offers a complete different experience for your friends and family. There are variety of river cruises on the Mandovi river run by Goa Tourism during the daytime, sunset and moonlight.

Konaseema Godavari Cruise

Konaseema cruises on Godavari river is one of the very few destinations in India that offers delta region backwaters house boat. The river cruises on Godavari help to explore some nearby islands, bay of Bengal, rural life with small huts and fishing nets.

Brahmaputra River Cruise


Brahmaputra river cruise is the most adventures river cruises in India, passes through mighty Brahmaputra river and sightseeing of river island, traditional fishermen tribe village and wildlife of Kaziranga National Park.

Dibru Saikhowa River Cruise

Dibru Saikhowa river cruise offers most stunning view of the largest national parks of Assam. The park is a lesser known river island national park of India and home to unique fauna of river dolphin, feral horse and migratory birds.

Jhelum River Cruise

Jhelum River cruise is the youngest addition for the tourist that operate daily from Peerzoo Island and take visitors to heritage sites. Dal lake host colourful shikaras, houseboats and scenic views of the cruise along the Jhelum river.

Mangalore Cruise

Mangalore is also known as the cruise destination in Karnataka and one of the 5 port to promote Cruise Tourism in India. The cruise port is also one of the major cruiseline in India.

– Andaman and Lakshadweep Cruise


Andaman and Lakshadweep are two most beautiful islands of India, known for their unique and stunning marine life. Both the islands of Andaman and Lakshadweep are home to best exotic beaches, marine life, stunning natural wonders and best honeymoon destination as well as cruises destination in India.

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