12 Most Difficult and Toughest Treks in Maharashtra

Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra have some of the best monsoons getaways near Mumbai and Pune, offers amazing trekking destinations such as Purandar Fort,Kalsubai peak, Rajmachi Fort and Raigad fort. Trekking and Hiking in Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra is one of the most pleasurable monsoon activity and that gives a lifetime experience.

Which is the Toughest Trek in Maharashtra?

AMK Trek and Lingana are the massive pinnacle and considered the most difficult trek in Maharashtra, followed by Tailbaila Trek, Kalavantin Durg and Harihar Fort.

Salher, Nasik – 1648 m


Salher is the highest fort in Maharashtra, located in Nasik district. The fort is the highest hill fort and second highest peak of the Sahyadris range. Salher trek takes approx 3 hours to reach at top from the Salherwadi or Waghembe base village.

Alang Fort, Nashik – 1371 m

Alang Fort

Alang Fort is located in the Kalsubai range and amongst the most difficult treks in Maharashtra. AMK are the toughest places in the sahyadris for trekking or Alang along with Madangad and Kulang are the most difficult trek in Nasik district. 

Tailbaila Trek


Trek To Ghangad And Tailbaila is one of the two rock climbing trek,situated in Lonavala region. Tailbaila rock formaation stands tall in the Sahyadris and famous for its four rock-climbing routes.

Harihar Fort, Igatpuri – 1120 m


The fort of Harihar is an enthralling trek built on a triangular rock,in the Tryambak range north of Igatpuri. Harihar fort is very difficult to climb with the slippery slopes but offer stunning views of the area around.

Harishchandragad, Ahmednagar – 1422 m 


Harishchandragad is one of the most beautiful hill fort and most visited forts in Western Ghats,locataed Ahmednagar region. The fort is quite ancient and offers mesmerizing view of surrounding region. There are three popular ways up to the fort, from Khireshwar village, Nalachi Vaat and Kothale village.

Kalavantin Durg or Prabalgad, Raigad – 700 m


Kalavantin Durg or Prabalgad Fort is one of the best trekking spots in the Sahyadri mountain range. Trek to Kalavantin Durg begins from base village of Thakurvadi,Situated adjacent to Prabalgarh Fort on the Mumbai Pune express.

Dhodap, Nashik – 1472 m


Dhodap fort Near Nasik is a Magmatic Dyke and second highest fort in the Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra. After Kalsubai and Salher, Dhodap is the 3rd highest hill peak in Maharashtra and a very good site for trekkers and adventurous tourists.

Jivdhan, Pune – 1144 m


Jivdhan Fort rises 3757 feet high in the Sahyadri mountain range, near the town of Narayangaon in Pune district. The fort is one of the most famous 5 trekking destinations among trekking enthusiasts and among the high difficulty grade trek.

Jungli Jaigad, Satara – 901 m

Kille - Jungli Jaigad

Jungli Jaigad is very beautiful fort surrounded by dense woods and Koyna Lake. Jangli Jaigad is one of the most interesting Jungle treks with excellent view of Dense Jungle, Koyna Dam back waters, Kumbharli Ghat.

Torna Trek, Pune – 1403 m


Torna is a large fort located in Pune district and was the first fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj. 4,603 ft tall Torna Fort is the highest hill-fort in the district of Pune and popular destination for monsoon trekkers.

Rajgad Fort, Pune – 1400 m


Rajgad is a 4250 feet tall mountain fort and best trekking destinations for trekkers from the Pune,Specially after the monsoon. The fort site is famous for trekkers and adventurous tourists and offers spectacular views of Sahyadri Mountains.

Vasota Jungle Trek


Vasota Fort is situated in dense forests and surrounded by mountain and the banks of river Koyana. Vasota trekking is most thrilling and exciting of all the treks near Pune, Located deep within the Koyna wildlife sanctuary. Vasota forest in Satara district is a protected natural reserve and now one of the most visited tourist attractions near Tapola or Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra.

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