12 Most Popular Traditional Indian Summer Sharbat

Sharbat is the most popular drink in the Indian subcontinent, served chilled and made from different fruits or flower petals, like mango,chia seeds, sandalwood, bael and wood apple.

Other most popular summer drinks available in India are jaljeera, nimbu pani, solkadi,lassi, nira, Aam Panna, Lassi, butter milk, Ganne Ka Ras, Imli Ka Amlana and nariyal pani.

Aam Panna Sharbat

Aam Panna is the tasty and healthy beverage and known for heat-resistant properties during the summer. The very light green color mainly consumed in north India and prepared using raw mangoes.

Brahmi Sharbat

Brahmi creeping herb has been used in Ayurveda for various ailments and also a popular aquarium plant. This herb has list of unique health effects and part of the Ayurvedic medicine with Anti-inflammatory Capacity.

Khus Sharbat

The green coloured khus sharbat is a thick syrup type made from the roots of khus grass and host list of health benefits in summer. Khus or Vetiver is large grass native to India and used in herbal skincare and ayurvedic soap.

Bel Sharbat

Bel Sharbat is the beverage for hot summers in India, The wood apple (Aegle marmelos) leaves and tree are considered sacred by Hindus and the edible fruits used to make healthy sharbat with list of health benefits.

The elephant apple (Limonia acidissima) is another fruit looks similar in appearance to the Bael, also used to make a fruit juice with healthy properties.

Nannari Sharbat

Nannari or Indian sarsaparilla plant used to make beverages and also used as a traditional medicine in Ayurveda,occurs over the greater part of India. This Rasayana plants of Ayurveda and its root are used in syrup with sugar, served at small refreshment shops in South India.

Buransh Sharbat


Buransh Sharbat is very effective in various heart diseases, also used for Labrador tea and used to make a squash called burans. The rhododendron is the state flower of Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir and state tree of Uttarakhand and Sikkim.

Kokum Sharbat

Kokum Sharbat is most popular in Goa and Maharashtra as a summer coolant, from Garcinia Indica fruit. The kokum fruit has received the GI (Geographical Indication) tag from the Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg region in Maharashtra.

Chandan Sharbat

Chandan Sharbat or sandal squash is another popular summer refreshing drink, added exotic Kesar or Saffron with Chandan or Sandalwood is delicious Indian Sharbat.

Sattu Sharbat


Sattu Sharbat is the best summer drink in India, made with the roasted gram flour known as sattu, black salt and mint leaves. The healthy and tasty Masala Sattu Sharbat is one of the best drink for Indian summers.

Gond Sharbat

Gond katira sharbat is the refreshing summer cooling drink and very useful to prevents heat stroke. Gond Katira is pale yellow and white gum from Indian tragacanth tree and has amazing cooling properties.

Phalsa Sharbat

Phalsa berries are native Asia and cultivated in tropical countries for sherbet or squash as a cooling agent in summer. The small fruit grown in the Himalayan regions of India as well as in upper hills of Maharashtra and Karnataka, sold in the Indian market during summer season for cooling agent.

Imli Amlana Sharbat

Imli Ka Amlana is a refreshing drink for summer and serve chilled with mint leaves. The tangy tamarind juice is one of the most delicious sharbat and healthy drink.

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