12 Types of Heavy Duty Vehicles Available in India

India is one of the largest industry for heavy duty vehicles and have upgrade their technology and production processes in terms of vehicles and commercial trucks for transportation.



Bulldozer used to push huge amount of soil and sand forward, equipped with claw like device. Its large and powerful tracked heavy equipment and Komatsu makes the largest bulldozer in the world.

Road Roller

Road Roller used in the construction of roads and foundations, available in width ranging. Tyre roller types, Vibrating Dynapac and diesel engine three wheeler Road Roller are the construction machinery used in India.


Hydra and crane both are same at some point, in Hydra, you can lift the load and move but in case of cranes you can only lift the load and turn.


Both mobile cranes and crawler cranes are used at construction sites and powered by an internal hydraulic system. Liebherr is one of the world’s largest supplier of tower cranes and mobile cranes.


JCB_Backhoe _loader

Backhoe digger or loader is another most popular heavy equipment vehicle used in India. JCB India company is one of the largest manufacturer of backhoe digger along with other heavy equipment vehicles in India.



Excavators are also called diggers, come in a wide variety of sizes. Tracked excavator has a long counterweight with couple of engine power and hydraulic pumps.

Soil Compactor


There are different types of soil compaction roller’s are available in India, JCB offers the finest road and soil compaction equipment.

Super Loader


Super Loader is another highly fuel efficient loader from JCB, with advanced features. The JCB Super Loader comes with fully customisable attachments.

Mining Dumper


Dumper trucks are used for transporting loose material to a construction and equipped with hydraulic rams. The Off highway dump trucks are used in large mines and quarries and known as Articulated hauler and haul trucks.

Tipper Lorry


Tipper Trucks are also dump trucks but the body and trailer’s wheels are bigger then off highway dump trucks. Dump trucks are also equipped with hydraulic rams and the road vehicle is known as tipper lorry.

Heavy Hauler


Hauler are haul trucks are very big rigid dump trucks, design for higher capacity and can accommodate 400 metric tons of material. Here is the list of world largest six wheeled dump trucks.

Bucyrus MT6300AC
Caterpillar 797b
Liebherr T 282B
BelAZ 75710
Komatsu 980E-4

Semi Trailer


Trailers are towed by a powered vehicle and used for the transport of goods and materials. Semi trailer, Semi trailer truck and full trailer terms are used for freight trailer equipped with a towing vehicle.

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