12 Unique Hot Water Springs Destinations of India

Hot Water Springs are naturally occur features and believed to be beneficial and have healing properties. India is home to many natural hot springs and are the major tourist attractions and valued by people for healing powers. Geological survey of India has identified 340 hot water springs in India, some of the most famous hot water springs destinations of India are listed below along with Hot Water Springs in Himachal Pradesh, Hot Water Spring in Odisha,Hot Water Spring in Maharashtra,Bakreshwar hot spring West Bengal and Rajgir Hot Spring in Bihar.

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh


Manikaran is the most popular hot springs destination and pilgrim centres, located about 35 km from Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. This is the pilgrimage centre for Sikhs and Hindus, having Gurudwara, Vishnu and Lord Shiva temples in the complex.

Panamik Hot Spring, Ladakh

Panamik is known for its curative hot springs, located very close to Siachen Glacier in the Nubra valley. The beautiful scenic village of Panamik is the last destination for tourists travelling across Ladakh and required an inline permit.

Bakreshwar Hot Spring, West Bengal

Bakreshwar town is known for its eight hot water springs and also a place of geological interest. There are 8 hot springs here with the name as Paphara ganga,Baitarini ganga,Bhairav kunda,Dudh kunda and Surya kunda.

Gaurikund, Uttarakhand

Gaurikund is a pilgrimage site and one of the most popular temple in Dev Bhumi of Uttarakhand. There are list of hot springs in Gaurikund and converted to bathing places.

Atri Hot Spring, Odisha


Atri Hot Spring is located around 15 km west of Khurda and famous for its perennial hot spring. The hot spring is known to have medical properties and contains small doses of sulphur flavour. Image Source- Wikipedia

Yumthang Hot Spring, Sikkim

Sikkim is blessed with many natural hot springs in North Sikkim and some of the most important host springs are the ones located at Reshi,Ralong and Yumthang. Sikkim is dotted with many natural hot water springs and Yumthang is one of the most famous.

Rajgir Hot Spring, Bihar

Rajgir Hot Water Spring is believed to have medicinal properties and one of the most famous hot water spring destination in the region. The city of Rajgir is also famous for Vishwa Shanti Stupa,Buddha’s cave and Son Bhandar Jain cave.

Vajreshwari  Hot Spring, Maharashtra

Vajreshwari Hot Water Springs is one of the most popular 7 natural sulphur hot water springs around Mumbai. The famous temple of Vajreshwari and hot water springs are prime attractions of Mumbai city and one of the famous hot water spring in Maharashtra.

Chumathang Hot Spring, Leh

Chumathang Hot Spring is famous for the boiling hot sulphur springs, lies in the banks of Indus River. The hot water spring village of Chumathang is one of the natural wonders of India.

Deulajhari Hot Spring, Odisha


Deulajhari is an ancient temple town of Lord Shiva,located in the Angul district of Odisha. The hot water spring of Deulajhari are originates from below a Shivalinga and believed to contain medical properties.

Ralong Hot Water Springs, Ravangla

Ralong Hot Springs at Ravangla contents high sulphur and believed to have great therapeutic properties. Borong and Ralong Hot Springs are located very close to from each other at an elevation of 7000 ft in South Sikkim.

Tapovan Hot Water Spring, Uttarakhand

Tapovan is a hot water spring destination near Joshimath which known to be medicinal power and healing properties. The natural hot water springs in Tapovan is extremely hot and superheated waters.

– Hot Water Springs of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the cold state in India but has some of the most popular hot water springs such as Manikaran, Vashisht in Kullu, Tattapani in Mandi, Kheerganga in Kullu and hippie town of hot springs in Kasol.

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