15 Diamonds Found From Golconda Kollur Mines of India

Kollur Mine is the most productive diamond mines in India, located in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh on the bank of the river Krishna. Golkonda is renowned for the diamonds and best market city of the diamond trade and gems in India.

There were 38 diamond mines in India, 23 were located in the Golconda region of Andhra Pradesh. Golconda is known as Diamond Capital of India,most of the world famous diamonds are from Golconda, Paritala and Kollur are listed below.

  • Koh-i-Noor
  • Daria-i-Noor
  • Great Mogul Diamond
  • Regent Diamond
  • Nizam Diamond
  • Hope Diamond
  • Golconda Diamond
  • The Kolluru Diamond
  • Dresden Green Diamond
  • Nassak Diamond
  • Orlov Diamond
  • Noor-ul-Ain
  • Princie Diamond
  • Tavernier Blue Diamond
  • Wittelsbach Graff Diamond

Panna in Madhya Pradesh is also famous for its diamond mines, the most popular is Majhgawan mine. The Majhgawan mine is owned by the National Mineral Development Corporation and all diamonds found are required to be handed over to the Panna government diamond office.

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