5 Most Beautiful Exotic Pet Birds in India

All the species of Indian birds are protected under the Wildlife Act but there are exotic birds legal to have as pets such as budgerigars,lovebirds and finches.

Other Pet birds for sale and adoption in India are Domestic canary, Golden Parakeet,Australian King Parrots,white pegion, Yellow headed amazon, Sun parakeet and Lories and lorikeets.

Budgerigars – Australia


Budgerigars or budgie are small long tailed parrots from Australia. The Budgerigars are very popular pet birds around the world and available with colouring in whites, blues, yellows and green.

Cockatoos – Australia


Cockatoo parrot family are colourful parrots and very popular birds in aviculture. There are about 44 different birds in the cockatoo family such as Galah,Cockatiel,Palm cockatoo and Sulphur crested cockatoo.

Finches – Australia

Finches are small sized passerine birds and most commonly kept as pets in India. Most popular species of Finches are Zebra finch Gouldian finch, owl finch and society finch.

Lovebirds – Africa

Lovebirds are group of 9 small species of parrots, native to Africa and Madagascar. Some species are kept as pets are Yellow collared lovebird,Black cheeked lovebird and Rosy faced lovebird.

Macaws – Southern America


Macaws are colourful long tailed parrot native to rainforests of and Southern America. There are 19 species of macaws such as Hyacinth Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, blue and yellow macaw and very popular in pet trade.

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