5 Western Flowing Rivers of India

Rivers flowing into Arabian Sea are called as west flowing rivers of the Peninsular India. These river run parallel to the Vindhyas and the Satpura ranges and do not form deltas, but only estuaries because of hard rock and rift valleys.

Narmada River


Narmada  river is the fifth longest river in the Indian subcontinent and one of the major river that draining through the Gulf of Cambay into the Arabian Sea. The river Narmada known as Life Line of Madhya Pradesh and the third longest river that flows entirely within India.

Tapti River


Tapti river also called as Tapi river is originates in the Betul district and one of the major river in central India. The river is one of the 3 major western flowing rivers of India and also flow through rift valleys between different ranges.

Mahi River

Mahi River originates in Madhya Pradesh and discharge into Arabian Sea by creating an wide estuary past Bay of Khambhat. The river Mahi is the third major west flowing interstate river of India.

Sabarmati River


Sabarmati River originates in Dhebar lake near Udaipur in Aravalli hills of Rajasthan and meets the Arabian Sea at Gulf of Cambay. Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar city of Gujarat are situated on the banks of Sabarmati river.

Daman Ganga River

Daman Ganga River rises in the Sahyadri hills in Nasik district of Maharashtra and flows west into the Arabian Sea. The Daman Ganga also known as Dawan River has two historical forts on either side.

– Kali River of Karnataka

Kali River of Karnataka flows through gorge,marshland and join the join the Arabian Sea near Karwar by creating Kali river estuary. The brackish water of the Kali estuary at Karwar is suitable for prawn farming and creates biodiversity spot in small mangrove covered islands.

Periyar River – Kerala

Periyar river is the longest river of Kerala and provides drinking water to the state, hence has been named the “Lifeline of Kerala”. The river originates high in the Western Ghats and flows entirely through the state and joins the Arabian Sea in the Kerala.

Zuari and Mandovi River – Goa

Zuari and Mandovi river both are two primary rivers of Goa and described as the lifeline of the state. The Mandovi and the Zuari form an estuarine system and both flush out into the Arabian Sea.

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