7 Indian Cities With Best Quality of Living in 2018

According to the survey conducted by Mercer, Here is the list of top 7 Indian cities of 2018 Quality of Living ranking. Both the IT cities of Hyderabad and Pune ranked highest among the top seven Indian cities surveyed in 2018.



Hyderabad and Pune jointly ranked 142 globally in the Mercer Quality of Living Ranking in 2018. The city known for pearl, diamonds and Indian high technology business districts of Genome Valley and HITEC City.



Pune have made much progress on the quality of living scale, As per the Mercer 2018 Quality of Living Ranking Pune is second in India after Hyderabad.


Bangalore is the fastest growing Indian metropolis and the fifth most populous city in India. The unplanned nature of the city ranked the lowest in terms of infrastructure and resulted in massive traffic gridlocks.


The Quality of Living Survey in 2018 rated Chennai as the safest city in India and also best city in India with best cosmopolitan city, UNESCO Creative Cities and beta level global city.


Gateway-of- India-Mumbai

Mumbai is the noisiest city in India with blend of traditional festivals and music. The city of Mumbai is high on wealth index but excess humidity and quality of life is low as compare to Pune and Hyderabad.


The traditional metros of India, Kolkata ranked lower on the Quality of Living Index in 2018 and due to rising air pollution. The city of Kolkata is best among major Indian cities to live in.

New Delhi


Delhi has worst quality of living among the other 7 Indian cities with a with a global ranking of 161. New Delhi is one of the most polluted city on Earth, ranks at number 154 out of 230 cities due to bad air quality and pollution.

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