List of Indian Cow Buffalo Horse Goat and Sheep Breeds

Cow and Buffalo are the two main milk producing species found in India, There are list of  Cow and Buffalo breeds of India include Gir Cattle,Hariana Cattle,Sahiwal Cattle,Murrah Buffalo and Surti Buffalo. Here is the list of Indian Cow,Buffalo, Goat, Sheep and Horse breed found in India.

– Cow Breeds Found in India


Tharparkar, Zebu, Jersey,Holstein Friesian and Guernsey are foreign cow breeds found in India.

Gir Cattle


Gir Cattle originated from Gir forest region of Saurashtra in Gujarat. They are an important milk cattle breed in India.

Ongole Cattle

Ongole Cattle are kown for their strength and aggressiveness, commonly used in bull fights. Ongole cattle are famous for their bulls and indigenous to the Andhra region in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh.

Khillari Cattle


Khillari Cattle are native to Maharashtra and Karnataka states of India. The breed is very well adapted to drought prone area and found mostly in Satara, Kolhapur and Sangli regions in Maharashtra.

Sahiwal Cattle


Sahiwal Cattle is actually breed of Zebu cattle originated from the Sahiwal. These cows are the heaviest milkers of all zebu breeds.


  • Hallikar
  • Umblachery
  • Alambadi
  • Kankrej Cattle
  • Hariana Cattle
  • Dangi Cattle
  • Rathi Cattle
  • Deoni Cattle
  • Ponwar Cattle
  • Nagori Cattle
  • Vechur Cattle
  • Bargur Cattle
  • Bachaur Cattle
  • Gangatiri Cattle
  • Kenkatha Cattle
  • Amritmahal Cattle
  • Punganur Cattle
  • Kasaragod Dwarf Cattle
  • Red Kandhari Cattle

Kangayam Cattle

Kangayam Cattle locally known as Kanganadu is the most popular cow breed from Tamil Nadu. This breed is known for aggressive nature and also used in Jallikatu.

Pulikulam Cattle


Pulikulam Cattle is new breed of cattle from Pulikulam village and also from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. This cattle is popularly used in Jallikkattu festival, as a part of Pongal celebrations.

– Best Buffalo Breeds in India

Murrah Buffalo

Murrah Buffalo is the most popular breed of domestic water buffalo, originally from Punjab and Haryana states of India. This breed of buffalo is used for production of milk in India.


  • Surti Buffalo
  • Jaffrabadi Buffalo
  • Bhadawari Buffalo
  • Nili Ravi Buffalo
  • Toda Buffalo
  • Mehsana Buffalo
  • Nagpuri Buffalo

– List of Indian Horse Breeds

Marwari Horse

Marwari Horse is the most famous breed of horse from the Marwar region of Jodhpur. The Marwari Horses are primarily maintained for horse safari,ceremonial purposes and show.


Kathiawari Horse

Kathiawari breed of Horse is desert war horse and closely related to the Marwari horses. These are indigenous horses and used as a police horse.

  • Bhutia Horse
  • Sikang Horse
  • Deccani Horse
  • Spiti Horse
  • Chummarti Horse

– Small Horse or Pony Found in India

A pony is a small species of horse and are generally considered intelligent and friendly. The mountain regions of India are home to small species of horses or Pony. Pony are the feral horse only found in small region of Dibru- Saikhowa National Park of Assam.

  • Zaniskari Pony
  • Manipuri Pony

– Donkey and Wild Ass

Horses and donkeys are different species, a mule is cross breed of male donkey and female horse.

– Camels Found in India

Dromedary Camel

Dromedary Camel are the most commnly found species of camel in India, dromedary camel population found only in the state of Rajasthan.


Bactrian Camel


Bactrian Camels are duble humped camel found only in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh in India. Nubra Valley is a Protected area and require a permit to visit for Foreign nationals and Inner Line Permit for Indian but after May 2014 Inner Line Permit no longer required for Indian citizens.

Kharai Camel


Kharai Camels are also known as swimming camels found only in Kutch and Bhuj region of Gujarat and got national recognition from scientists and experts. Kharai Camel or Swimming Camels are found only in Gujarat’s Bhuj area and experts have confirmed that a unique breed of camels.

  • Bikaneri Camel
  • Jaisalmeri Camel
  • Kutchi Camel
  • Malvi Camel
  • Mewari Camel
  • Marwadi Camel

– Indian Domestic Cat Breeds


  • Tabby Cat
  • Persian Cat
  • Maine Coon Cat
  • Siamese Cat
  • Spotted Cat
  • Bengal Cat
  • Ragdoll Cat
  • Himalayan Cat
  • Bombay Cat
  • American Bobtail


Medium sized wild cats found in India are Jungle Cat, Desert Cat, Golden Cat, Leopard Cat, Marbled Cat and Fishing Cat.

– Indian Goat Breeds

  • Barbari
  • Tellicherry
  • Sirohi
  • Osmanabadi
  • Chigu
  • Beetal
  • Surti
  • Boer


Jamnapari Goat is used for both milk and meat, originating from Indian subcontinent. The Jamnapari breed of goat have horns and has large variation in color.

  • Changthangi
  • Kanni Aadu
  • Sojat
  • Black Bengal
  • Assam Hill
  • Attappady Black

– Sheep Breeds Found in India


  • Marwari Sheep
  • Deccani Sheep
  • Nali Sheep
  • Nellore Sheep
  • Mandya Sheep
  • Coimbatore Sheep
  • Gaddi Sheep
  • Muzzafarnagri Sheep
  • Mecheri Sheep
  • Keezhakaraisal Sheep
  • Nilgiri Sheep
  • Vembur Sheep
  • Ramnad White Sheep
  • Madras Red Sheep
  • Tiruchy Black Sheep

Indian Dog Breeds



Pariah dog breed of India is the free ranging dog, live in packs and pairs near human settlements. Indian pariah dogs are the extremely alert and very social dog breed.


  • Chippiparai
  • Mudhol Hound
  • Rajapalayam
  • Combai
  • Indian Mastiff
  • Pandikona

Wild Species Found In India


Gaur or Indian Bison is the largest species of wild cattle found in India and also the tallest of wild cattle species. Indian Bison is strong and massively built species and among the largest living land animals.


Wild Water Buffalo


Wild Water Buffalo is a large bovine listed as endangered and found mostly in Assam. Kaziranga, Manas and Dibru-Saikhowa National Parks are the only place in India to spot wild water buffalo.

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