Top 10 Airlines Operating Well in India

With everything booming at a fast pace, the Aviation sector in India is also on the rise. While a large number of tourists visit the country to immerse themselves in its vast culture and beauty, the business tycoons love to invest in its flourishing economy.

Based on the ever-increasing number of tourists visiting India each year, the airline industry in the country is showing a keen interest in improving its services. No doubt, each one of them wants to offer a comfortable travel experience to people from around the globe.

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So, let’s roll!

Here I will be taking you on the rundown to a list of top 10 airlines you may consider while planning your trip within India.

1 Air Asia India


The airline was added to the list of Indian Airlines in June 2014 where Air Asia became the first foreign airline to set its subsidiary in the nation. The fleet size of the airline accounts to eighteen (18) and it’s allowed luggage weight for the cabin is 7kgs and check-in is 15kgs.

The base of the airline is located in Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. The frequent flyer program is called ‘BIG,’ and their slogan is ‘Now Everyone Can Fly.’

2. Jet Airways


The company made its advent in the aviation industry way back in 1992 and officially started to operate in 1993. Jet Airways has a good name amongst the major airlines of India, holding a share of 25 % in the local market.

The airlines operate in around 74 major destinations having the flight count of 300. Jet Airways possess 100 aircraft fleet employing 13900 workers at all levels. In India, the three primary cities where the airline operates are Hyderabad, Kochi, and Ahemdabad where its central hubs are located in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru.

3. Indigo


One can count on Indigo to experience the best travel within the country. With its low cost on air travel, it gained popularity, allowing average people to fly with ease. The airline has a 27% share in the Indian market and is a subsidiary of Inter Globe Enterprises.

It has a fleet size of 22 and provides cheap flying tickets at remarkable services. This is why the airline enjoys its popularity among being on the list of top 10 best Indian airlines and feels proud to serve more than 5 million passengers.

4. Air India


Air India is one of the oldest runners in the country and can be counted amongst the top Indian airlines. It was founded way back in 1930, and at present holds 18% of the market share. The airline operates pan India and also flies to many international destinations.

The airline has no subsidiaries and possesses a fleet of 107 aircraft, traveling to nearly 85 world destinations. The airline mainly has two hubs, namely Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The airline also gained popularity when it started offering the student offers on overseas travel with extra baggage allowance (depending on the destination).

5. GoAir


GoAir is the airline that has earned its name and a fair percentage of share in the aviation industry by offering reasonable and affordable flight tickets with high-quality hospitality and air travel services.

The major hub of the airline is in Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport) where a good number of flights operate on a daily and weekly basis, i.e. 140 routinely and 975 weekly, flying to 22 significant destinations of the world.

The fleet size of GoAir is 38 allowing 7 kgs luggage weight in the cabin and 15kgs weight for the check-in baggage.

6. Vistara


Vistara started its services in 2015 and earned a good name quite soon with its impeccable travel services. Its a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore airlines, having its hub in Delhi.

It’s a domestic Indian airline and processes 245 scheduled passenger services on a weekly basis. The airline occupies 3.3% of the share of the market and is famous for its satisfactory air travel. The company provided its customers with the Frequent Flyer Program, reward points on ticket purchasing (rather on covering miles) and was the first one to introduce Premium Economy seats on domestic routes.

Vistara has a fleet size of 21 and allows 7kgs of weight in the cabin and 25 kgs for checked-in luggage.

7. SpiceJet


SpiceJet: ‘flying for everyone’ does what it says and operates nearly 312 flights daily covering 55 major travel destinations. The airline marked its initiation way back in the 90s (1993) with a former name as ModiLuft with the latter and present name as SpiceJet.

The company provides affordable flight tickets to the passengers with an additional offering of the frequent flyer program commonly known as SpiceMax. The program provides some benefits to its members like pre-assigned seats with extra legroom, complimentary onboard meals, priority check-in, baggage handling, etc. but at a higher fare.

The primary hubs of SpiceJet are in Delhi (Indira Gandhi International Airport), Chennai (Chennai International Airport) and Hyderabad (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport).

8. ZoomAir

ZoomAir is the latest addition in the list of active Indian airlines and is the brand name of Zexus Air. The airline provides premium services to the travellers, having its hub in New Delhi. ZoomAir is a good airline and mostly operates in the capital regions of India, thereby connecting major cities.

The airline offers low-costs on air travel by providing satisfactory services at a much affordable rate. As its a new addition, its fleet size is less comparatively and allows 5kgs luggage in the cabin and 15 kgs as checked baggage.

9. AirCosta

The airline is a new advent in the Indian Aviation Segment and started operating in 2013. AirCosta flies with a company slogan saying ‘Happy Flying’ which it proves by providing cheap ticket fares at extraordinary services.

It covers India’s major nine cities with a fleet size of 4 aircraft; nevertheless, the brand is on expansion with the aircraft count, employee count, and the destinations to cover. AirCosta operates from Chennai where its major hubs are Chennai International Airport and Vijayawada Airport.

10. JetKonnect

JetKonnect started its journey with the aviation industry in 1991 when it was founded by Sahara Airlines. The airline is counted amongst the cheap airlines operating pan India where it doesn’t restrict itself to provide good travel services while flying.

The is owned by Jet Airways and has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. JetKonnect is allied with UAE based airline Etihad and shares its partnership with them (with the name Etihad Equality Alliance).

The Company slogan says ‘Emotionally Yours’ and takes full care of its passengers. Its fleet range covers nine aircraft and travels to 43 major destinations.

The Gist

The Indian Aviation and Tourism industry have seen tremendous changes and modifications from the past years which have put a positive impact on the growth and development of the nation. There are many brand names amongst the Indian airlines which are in operation but not all have made up to earn name and fame with their customer provisions and facilities.

The above-mentioned list contains those airlines which are the top choices of people and are popular for offering unique and satisfactory air travel services being pocket-friendly. For more and detailed information, one can visit their official sites and can dig into the special offers going on currently.

Happy Flying!

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