Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Pizza in India

Pizza is an Italian dish served in India with list of flavor by added Indian spices and topped with tomatoes, chilies, Onion, cheese, and various ingredients like mushroom. This list of pizza chains operating in India, notable pizzerias and pizza brands in major cities.

Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza is the best selling brand of Pizza in India, known for its taste and also the largest pizza seller worldwide. There are around 1232 Domino’s Pizza store in India and the country is largest international market for Domino’s in the world.

Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut is known for its Italian cuisine and one of the largest pizza chain in the world, Yum Brands owned pizza hut is second most popular Pizza in India, after Domino’s and has the good share of the pizza market.

Smokin’ Joe’s


Smokin’ Joe’s is an Indian brand of pizza, operates in number of metro cities in India and features both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The restaurant chain started from Mumbai and today serving across the 12 cities of India.

Laziz Pizza


Laziz Pizza is an Indian brand of Pizza, started from Kolhapur and offers wide product portfolio of pizza at affordable rates. Today, the chain has 80 plus operational stores in India, planning to go international.

Oven Story Pizza


Oven Story brand of pizza offers next level experience of local flavours and Indian ingredients pizza. The pizza brand available in a wide range of cities and trying to reach maximum customers by promoting the services.


PizzaExpress from United Kingdom has restaurants across the Europe, Indonesia and India. The Pizza brand has restaurant chain in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and also expanding its operation to other cities of India.

Eagle Boys Pizzeria

Eagle Boys Pizzeria is an Australian brand of pizza, currently operation in Mumbai and Pune only. The brand was acquired by Pizza Hut, aiming to expand outlets in Indian cities and offering other dishes as well like, burgers, pasta, nachos and desserts.

Pizza Corner


Pizza Corner is now owned by Indian subsidiary of Papa John’s Pizza, headquarters in Chennai and also opening ten outlets in Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. With the merger of Papa John’s and Pizza Corner, the chain has now 70 operation outlets in Southern India.

Papa John’s Pizza


Papa John’s Pizza from America is fourth largest pizza brand in US, entered India in 2011 and ended its operation in 2017. The American pizza restaurant franchise headquarters in Kentucky and very popular in United States.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen offers best california-style pizza in India, known for its innovative BBQ Chicken Pizza and also serve various kinds of unique flavour. Other well known pizza chain in India are Chicago Pizza, Go69 Pizza and U.S Pizza.

Five Most Popular Fast Food Corporation in India

KFC Chizza is not a Pizza but an alternative of Pizza brands, The fast food corporations like McDonald’s,Burger King and Buffalo Wild Wings are offering different types of fast food in India like Pizza, Chizza, Burger and sandwiches.



Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC specializes in fried chicken and has second largest restaurant chain in the world after McDonald’s. There are 350 KFC outlets operating in India, offerings to Indian taste with Crispy Chicken and bucket.



McDonald’s fast food company has largest restaurant chain in the world by revenue, also stated vegetarian-only restaurants in India and offers delicious supreme quality Burger,French fries and food, best in class.

Burger King


Burger King is the most popular America based restaurant chain that known for burgers along with French fries and milkshakes. The company has one of the largest market of Burger in India and in the competition with KFC and McDonald’s.



Subway restaurant sells submarine sandwiches and different types of salads, opened its first restaurant in India in 2001 and As of January 2017, Subway has restaurants in 68 Indian cities, offering all-vegetarian and Jain food. It is one of the fastest-growing fast food advertiser franchises in the world, locations in more than 100 countries.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, opened first outlet at the Mantri Square mall in Bangalore. Yum Brands chain operated 35 outlets across India and planning to double the Taco Bell outlets in India by 2029. The American fast food corporation, Yum Brands also operates big brands KFC, Pizza Hut in India.

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