Top 10 Popular Imported Beer Brands in India

Indian beer industry is not that much popular as alcoholic whiskey but strong beers in India by market share are Kingfisher, Kalyani Black Label, Royal Challenge and Golden Eagle.

The largest selling Indian beer brand is Kingfisher from United Breweries and other imported beer brands in India are as below.

Budweiser – United States


Budweiser beer from United States is one of the largest selling beer in India. The super premium beer is available in mild and premium Magnum.

Carlsberg – Denmark


Carlsberg beer from Western Europe is operating from Brewery in Paonta Sahib Himachal and one of the key player in the Indian beer market.


Tuborg beer is also part of the Carlsberg Group from the native country of Denmark. Tuborg Strong and Tuborg Classic are India’s first premium strong beer by Carlsberg India.

Amstel – Netherlands


Amstel is a Dutch brewery company in Amsterdam own by Heineken International and offers several beers under the Amstel brand. The brand is sold in 75 countries, United Breweries launches Amstel in India.

Kronenbourg is the best selling beer in France, launched in the Indian market by Carlsberg Group with two variants. Carlsberg India has 8 different brand portfolio of beer in India and is the third-largest brewer in the country by market share.

Okocim Brewery from Poland is expanding its market for strong beer Okocim Palone in India. Carlsberg group brings Okocim Palone to India.

Fosters – Australia


Fosters from Australia is owned by brewing group AB InBev and one of the most popular beer brand in UK and Australia. Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught beer are more popular in Australia.

Corona – Mexico


Corona beer from Mexico is top selling beers worldwide and available in a variety of bottle. This Mexican beer is gaining popularity in India.

Miller – England


Miller Lite beer from Miller Brewing Company, part of the SABMiller. SABMiller beer brands also include Fosters, Miller and Pilsner Urquell.

Singha – Thailand


Singha beer from Asian brewery is best selling beers in Thailand has the mythological lion and royal Garuda picture on the bottle. Singha beer is also said to use some of the Carlsberg plants in Asia for production and distribution in some markets.

Heineken – Netherland


Heineken Lager Beer from Heineken International Netherland has been launched by United Breweries in India. Heineken beer brand also arrange Heineken Foosball League in India.

Beck’s Ice – Germany

Beck’s Ice pure malt is a perfect beer from the Brewery in Germany, now owned by the Anheuser-Busch InBev. Interbrew brewing company is one of the largest brewer in the world by volume and subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev which also own Budweiser brand of American beer.

Cobra – United Kingdom


Cobra beer is a premium beer produced in Patna of Bihar. Molson Coors Brewing Company from Canada renamed the Cobra as Molson Coors Cobra India and has a market share of over 98% in Indian restaurants.

Imported Beer Brands in India also include Victoria Bitter, London Pride beer and hoegaarden beer brand, Beer Cafe and Pint Room are two beer bar chains in India. There are more beers brands available in India such as Peroni, hoegaarden, oranjeboom, Christoffel and white Rhino.

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