Top 12 Highest Mountain Peaks in Karnataka

The state of Karnataka is home to large number of mountain peaks of the Western Ghats in South India and also trekking paradise with amazing hills and exciting challenge.

Mullayanagiri  Peak 1,930 m

Mullayanagiri is the highest mountain peak in Karnataka state, located in Chikkamagaluru. The summit of Mullayanagiri is one of the highest peak of India and also best trekking places in Karnataka.

Baba Budangiri Range

Baba Budangiri mountain range is home to Mullayanagiri Mountain Peak which is fourth highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris.  Baba Budangiri peak has an elevation of 1895 m in the same mountain range.

Kudremukh Peak 1,894 m

Kudremukh is the second highest peak in Karnataka after Mullayangiri with an elevation of 1,894 m. The Kudremukh National Park situated around the peak and home to shola forest, Water falls and endangered wild mammals.

Tadiandamol Peak 1,748 m

Tadiandamol is the third highest peak of Karnataka state and best place for trekkers and naturalists in India. The mountain and peak has patches of shola forest and highest mountain in Madikeri taluk.

Pushpagiri Peak/Kumara Parvata 1,712 m

Pushpagiri also known as Kumara Parvata is the highest peak in Pushpagiri Sanctuary and is 4th highest peak of Karnataka (Excluding Baba Budangiri). Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is home to rare and endangered wildlife and birdlife.

Merthi Gudda 1,676 m

Merthi Gudda and peak is part of the Chikmagalur mountain range and one of the highest peak of Karnataka in Western Ghats. The beautiful hill is a famous trek from Bengaluru.

Kotebetta Peak 1,620 m

Kotebetta in located in Coorg and a very popular trekking place with a wonderful view of coffee and spice plantations. After Tadiandamol and Brahmagiri, Kotebetta is the third highest peak in Coorg.

Brahmagiri  Hills 1,608 m

Brahmagiri is the most scenic tourist attraction at an height of 1608 m in Karnataka. Nishani Motte is a peak in Brahmagiri range of hills and Irupu Falls is located in the Brahmagiri Range.

Nandi Hills, 1,478 m

Nandi Hills is weekend tourist spot near Bangalore and a popular tourist spot during summer.  Someshwara swami temple, Skandagiri and the peak (1350 m) are few nearby tourist attractions.

Gopalaswamy Hills 1,450 m

Gopalaswamy Hills is the highest peak in the Bandipur National Park and also home to Gopalaswamy temple. The place offers views of the hills, valley and frequented by wild life including elephants.

Skandagiri 1,450 m

Skandagiri is famous tourist spot at an altitude of about 1450 m and only accessed from Kalavara village, located 62 km from Bangalore.

Kodachadri Peak 1,343 m

Kodachadri mountain and peaks are declared as natural heritage site and is one of the highest peak of Karnataka. The Shola Forest of Kodachadri hill are Trekking paradise and home to several endemic and endangered species.

Savandurga hill is the largest monolith hills in Asia and Madhugiri is the second largest monolith in Asia.

Biligiriranga Hills and Male Mahadeshwara Hills

Biligiriranga Hills or BR Hills is a protected reserve forest, located near the confluence of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats. The BR hills along with the MM Hills are home to herds of wild elephants and the grasslands are also home to largest populations of Asian elephants and Bengal Tigers in south India.

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