Top 12 Most Charming Tea Estates in India

Tea estates in India are so beautiful and one of the best place to stay during your vacation for a totally different experience compared to the other famous tourist destinations in India. Here is the list of most famous and charming Tea Plantations regions and best tea estate destinations in India.

Manohari Tea Estate, Assam


This renowned tea estate of Assam is located at an elevation of 390 ft at the upper region of Assam. Manohari Tea Estate offers a special variety Assam tea known as Manohari Gold, which is India’s most expensive tea at Rs39,001 per kg.

Meleng Tea Estates
Mangalam Tea Estates
Manjushree Tea Estates
Bhelaguri Tea Estate
Kakajan Tea Estate

Assam is the largest contributor of tea in India and there are 765 tea estates in Assam, Other most popular tea estate in Assam are Sonapur Tea Estate, Ghograjan Tea Estate, Joonktollee Tea Estate, Mancotta Tea Estate, Halmari Tea Estate, Monabarie Tea Estate and Nonoi Tea Estate.

Nallathanni Tea Estate, Munnar


Nallathanni Tea Estate is a signature tea gardens of Munnar and the very famous Tata Tea Museum is located in Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea. Munnar is the most popular tea tourism destination in Kerala and house best and renowned tea estates such as Gruenberg Tea Plantations, Sevenmallay estate and some part of Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation which is world’s highest tea estate.

Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling


Glenburn Tea Estate is the most beautiful plantation retreat and one of the top heritage hotels of Darjeeling. In addition Glenburn is one of the finest tea estates in Darjeeling with magical landscape, snow mountains and wildlife.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Tamil Nadu


Kolukkumalai is the highest elevation tea plantation in the world and also the most beautiful scenic tea estate destinations in South India. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is located at Kottagudi village in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu bordering Idukki district of Kerala, just 32 km from Munnar.

Glenlorna Tea Estate, Karnataka

Gruenberg- Tea-Plantation

Apart from coffee plantations in Coorg, Glenlorna Tea Estate is only tea plantation in Coorg. Glenlorna Bungalow is located in the only tea estate in coffee county of Coorg, Providing mesmerizing views of the tea gardens, charming tea plantation area and hills.

Kelagur Mathias Coffee and Tea Plantations is another 150 hectares of tea plantation at the highest field elevations of Karnataka.

Nilgiri Tea Plantations, Tamil Nadu


Nilgiri Tea Plantations or Tamilnadu Tea Plantation is one of the biggest Black Tea producer in India. Tea plantations in Nilgiri is one of the tea growing districts in South India and more than  50% of Nilgiri tea exported.

Tea estate in Valparai and Tea Estate in Coonoor are known for its production of Nilgiri tea at an altitude of 1,850 m. Valparai has a high concentration of tea and coffee estates in Tamil Nadu and the tea plantations are surrounded by evergreen forest.

Temi Tea Garden, Sikkim


Temi Tea Garden is the only tea garden in Sikkim, located in South Sikkim and produced one of the best tea in India. Temi Tea estate was established in 440 acres and the tea is sold in the international market at Rs 2500 per kg.

Kausani Tea Estate, Uttarakhand

Kausani Tea plantation is a major tourist place in Uttarakhand and also the biggest and largest tea garden in state of Uttarakhand.

Halmari Tea Estate, Assam


Halmari Tea Estate is located in the Moran district of Dibrugarh over 374 hectares of land and the finest quality of tea produce by Halmari gets the top 5 prices in India.

Dharamsala Tea Estate, Himachal Pradesh


Kangra tea produced in the Kangra Valley with the Geographical Indication tag, There are several large tea estates in Himachal Pradesh. Mann Tea Estate,Hoodle Tea Estate and Towa Tea Estate are owmned by Dharmsala Tea Company, other popular tea estates in Himachal include the Wah Tea Estate, Palampur tea estates and the Darang Tea Estate.

Durga Bari Tea Estate, Tripura

Durgabari Tea Garden of Tripura is one of the youngest state of North East India where tea growing is suitable. Tea gardens in Tripura produced green tea,black tea and the state listed among the top 10 best tea producing states of India.

Happy Valley Tea Estate, Darjeeling


Happy Valley Tea Estate is one of the oldest tea garden in Darjeeling district and a famous tourist attraction. The high altidude tea gardens of happy valley also has a museum, factory and tea processing unit.

There are 30,000 small and big tea growers in North Bengal, Most of the tea gardens are located in the Dooars region, Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri. The youngest tea gardens in North Bengal are Chinchula Tea Estate,Raimatang Tea Estate, Kalchini Tea Estate and Samsing Tea Estate is the largest tea garden in West Bengal.

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