Top 12 Most Popular Sea Fish Found in India

The brackish waters of India is available for aquaculture and the country is one of the largest producer of fish in the world, Here is the top 10 most popular marine or sea fish found in Indian subcontinent. Follow the link to know about freshwater fish found in India.

Nethili /Indian Anchovy

Indian Anchovy is a small species of oceanodromous fish also used as live or dead bait in tuna fishery. Indian anchovy popular as a white curry fish with coconut milk.

Rawas/Indian Salmon

Rawas threadfin fish is known as Indian Salmon, mostly occurs in shallow muddy bottoms and coastal waters of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Indian Salmon Rawas fish is not only tasty but also favourite of chefs.


Barramundi is known as Bhetki fish in Bengal and a very popular in Thai cuisine. Barramundi fish in one of the most expensive fish available in India and part of the Goan cuisine and Bengali cuisine.

Butter Fish/Pomfret


Pomfret fish found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and the largest species is known as the Atlantic pomfret. The family of butter fish are an important food sources for humans in India.

Surmai/Seer Fish


Indo Pacific king mackerel known as surmai is found in around the Indian Ocean. The seer fish is a popular game fish and considered a delicacy in most place of the Indian subcontinent.

Bangda/Indian Mackerel


Indian mackerel is another popular species of mackerel, commonly found in the Indian subcontinent. The Indian mackerel generally found in shallow and coastal waters of Kerala and Maharashtra.

Tarali/Indian Oil Sardine

Indian Oil Sardine is second most important commercial fishes in India, mostly found in northern regions of the Indian Ocean and known as Tarali in India.


Milkfish called as Bangus occurs in the Indian Ocean and an important seafood in Southeast Asia. Milkfish is an important food fish in India, Philippines and Indonesia.

Mangrove Red Snapper

Mangrove Red Snapper or purple sea perch is mostly occur in mangrove estuaries and around coral reefs. The purple sea perch is native to the Indian Ocean and a popular commercial and recreational fish.

Bombay Duck


Bombay Duck is a lizardfish that lives in the areas of the Indo Pacific. The strange looking fish mostly caught in the sea waters off Maharashtra and also a popular food item in certain areas of India.

Tuna Fish

Tuna is a saltwater fish found in Indian Ocean and an important commercial fish. Yellow fin tuna are found in the deep waters off the Goa coast and Kerala.

Pangas Catfish


Pangas Catfish is a shark catfish native brackish waters of India, mostly found in in large lagoons, backwaters rivers and estuaries. Catfish are found in all continents except Antarctica and also found in both freshwater and saltwater.

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