Top 12 Regional Style Martial Arts of Indian States

India is known to be the center of Martial Arts, There are list of most practice and lesser known Indian Martial Arts such as Vajra-mushti, Malla-yuddha, Pehlwani, Mukna folk wrestling, Malakhra, Varma kalai, Inbuan wrestling, Kuttu Varisai and Adithada Tamil martial arts. Image by Ginu C Plathottam from Pixabay

Kalaripayattu – Kerala


Kalari or Kalaripayattu fighting system from Kerala is the oldest martial art in existence and also known as The Mother Of All Martial Arts. There are various methods and different style in Kalari, practiced in different parts of Kerala state.

Silambam – Tamil Nadu

Silambam martial art of Tamil Nadu is an ancient weapon-based fighting style, One of the widely practiced Indian martial art in other countries and also the most famous in most of the South Indian states.

Gatka – Panjab

Gatka from the Punjab region of India is the name of martial art with the style of stick fighting, swords and wooden stick. The style is now a very popular sport during Sikh festivals and known as sword dance performance, still practiced in India by communities.

Mardani Khel – Maharashtra

Mardani Khel is an ancient Martial Arts of Maharashtra, particularly and best known for use of two swords. The weapon based martial art from Maharashtra state is a distinct art of fighting with horse and unique Indian patta.

Kathi Samu – Andhra Pradesh

Kathi Samu originated in Andhra Pradesh and one of the most ancient martial art from South India along with Adithada and Silambam from Tamil Nadu. The sword fighting technique in Kathi Samu employs various kinds of swords with difference names and styles.

Huyen Langlon – Manipur

Huyen langlon is a mix martial art from Manipur with two components as armed and unarmed fighting. The spear and sword are the primary weapons of huyen langlon martial art along with shield and the axe.

Lathi Khela – West Bengal

Lathi Khela or Stick fighting is another popular martial art from Bengal, still practised in the Indian state of West Bengal, especially during the Durga puja rituals, festivals and weddings.

Sqay – Kashmir

Sqay is the most popular form of sword fighting Martial arts from the world of Ancient Kashmir in India. The most ancient martial art from Kashmir is today practice and taught in 27 Indian states as well as Bhutan and Nepal.

Thoda – Himachal Pradesh

Thoda an impressive art form of Himachal especially around the beautiful valleys of Kullu and Manali. The lesser known martial art requires a bow and arrow to play, archery, mixture of arts and dance are an integral part of the martial art.

Pari Khanda – Bihar

Pari khanda style of sword training was used to practiced in many parts of Odisha and Bihar, Also the first part of the world famous chhau dance.

Paika Akhada – Odisha

Paika akhada from Odisha used for practicing the physical exercises in a traditional way of performance, dance and movements with weapons like double edge straight sword and gauntlet sword.

Musti Yuddha – Uttar Pradesh

Musti yuddha used as a general term for boxing art, especially refers to muki boxing from Varanasi. The unarmed style and traditional form of boxing still exists in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and related to other various types and forms of martial arts including Muay Thai, Pradal Serey,Lethwei and Muay Lao.

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