Top 15 Vineyards Tour For Wine Tourism In India

Viticulture in India and wine market existed throughout most of India’s history. Some of India’s larger wine producing states are Maharashtra, Karnataka, around Baramati, Nashik, Pune, Solapur and near Bangalore.

The city of Nashik is called as the Wine Capital of India and the large portion of the region is ideal for viticulture. Here is the list of India’s best vineyards and winery for tour and tourism.

Sula Vineyards – Nashik, Maharashtra


Sula Vineyards and winery is located in the Nashik region of Maharashtra facing the backwaters of the Gangapur Dam. Vineyards tours and tastings are conducted seven days a week throughout the year.


The winery and vineyard located at Nashik and Dindori in Maharashtra and one crush facilities in Karnataka. The most popular Sula wines in India includes Zinfandel and Shiraz red wine, Chenin blanc and Riesling white wine, Brut  wine, late harvest Chenin blanc dessert wine and Zinfandel rose wine.

Fratelli Vineyards – Solapur, Maharashtra


Fratelli Vineyards near Solapur is offers the picturesque view of the viticulture and allows you tasting some of the best red wines in India.

Grover Zampa Vineyards – Nandi Hills, Karnataka


Grover Zampa Vineyards from Bengaluru produces one of the India’s finest wine, based in Nandi Hills of Karnataka and Nashik Valley in Maharashtra. The Vineyards tour starts on the arrival of the guest and the tasting room offers you taste 5 or 7 different varieties of wine.

Chateau d’Ori Vineyards – Dindori, Nashik

Chateau d’Ori Vineyards located in Dindori town near Nashik and the estate has a big vineyard and a dome-shaped winery that produce its quality wines for Indian.

Chateau Indage Vineyards – Narayangaon, Maharashtra

Chateau Indage estate vineyards is located in Narayangaon and has three facilities in Nashik and Himachal Pradesh. The famous Indian winery offers the tour of Indage vineyards at narayangaon all year round.

Four Seasons Vineyards – Baramati, Pune


Four Seasons vineyards and winery located in Baramati and produces wines from the Sahyadri valley in Maharashtra. The red grapes wines names Zinzi and Four Seasons are best rose, white and red wines in India.

Vallonne Vineyards – Baramati, Pune

Vallonne Vineyards is one of the best vineyard in Maharashtra that producer of India’s first premium French style wines.

York Vineyards – Gangapur, Nashik


York Vineyards tour and winery with tasting room in Nashik offers scenic vineyard and Gangapur lake views.

KRSMA Vineyards- Hampi, Karnataka

Krsma Vineyards Hampi was established in 2008 by Krishna Prasad and Uma Chigurupati,near Hospet town in the Karnataka.

Charosa Vineyards – Dindori, Nashik


Charosa Vineyards at the foothills of Sahyadri around Nashik valley of wines and the vineyards spread over approximately 230 acres.

Chandon Vineyards – Dindori, Nashik

Chandon Vineyards in Dindori offers the world class sparkling wines and a perfect weekend getaway near Nashik.

Soma Vineyards – Gangapur, Nashik

Soma Vineyard and winery with tasting room is located near the Gangapur Dam and one of the newly opened Winery in India.

Heritage Vineyards – Ramangar, Bangalore


Heritage Winery at Ramangar district from 70 kms Bangalore is a must visit place and offers vineyard tour, tasting 5 varieties of wine and wine making process.

Kinvah Vineyards – Bengaluru 

Kinvah Vineyards and the Nandi Valley Winery near Bengaluru is among the leading wine manufacturers in South India and the tour allows you to taste different varieties of exotic wines.


There is another famous winery near Banglore named as BigBanyan winery that produce red wines.

Vintage Vineyards – Nashik

Wine Tourism In India

Vintage Vineyards offers Italian varieties of grapes in Nashik and the winery has a dedicated 100-acre of Vineyards that produce popular varieties of wine under the reveilo label.

What is the Difference Between Vineyard and Winery?

A Vineyard is plantation area where grapes are grown meant to produce wine and a vineyard can host winery also that produces wine.

A winery is a licensed property that produces wines from the grapes that grown in Vineyard with permitted tasting rooms where visitors can do a tour.

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