Top 25 Best Brands of Cycles in India

Check out the wide range of bicycles available in India and go crazy with its amazing style and design. There are more cycle brands in India but we have listed only 25, drop your comment for your best cycle.

Hero Cycles


Hero Cycles is the top rated manufacturer of bicycles in India, based in Ludhiana Punjab. At present, Hero cycles is the one of the largest manufacturer of Bicycles in the world and exports to over 70 countries.

Atlas Cycles


Atlas Cycle industries at Sonepat is second largest cycle manufacturer in India and also the one who introduced first racing Bicycle in India.

Firefox Cycles


Firefox Cycles offers a wide range of high end bicycles for kids, city, mountain and off road bicycles.  Firefox bikes and bicycle also has hybrid with combined features of city and off road bikes.

Hercules Cycles


Hercules Cycles is a popular brand in our country and dominated the bicycle market in India. Hercules gear cycles having amazing features and stands for quality and dependability.

Avon Cycles

Avon Cycles are one of the largest cycle manufacturers in India with art assembly in Ludhiana.

Huge Cycles

Huge Cycles offers not just style but a perfect excitement to your ride. Huge produce a wide array of Mountain Bicycles with most advanced technology and loaded with features like suspension to absorb bumps.

BSA Cycles


BSA Cycles brand is also part of the TI Cycles, also known for its flagship bicycle brands of Hercules, Montra and Mach City. BSA ladybird is one of the most successful bicycles for ladies in India.

Montra Cycles


Montra Cycles is high end performance bikes manufactured in India and launched by TI cycles. Tube Investments of India Limited is part of the Murugappa Group company.

Mach City Cycles


Mach City Cycles are lightweight, low maintenance and city bikes, specially designed when your destination is too far to walk and too close to drive.

Btwin Cycles


Btwin Cycles from Decathlon are great performance bikes at low price and the riverside cycles allows you to switch between roads and off road.

Cannondale Cycles


Cannondale Cycles are the maker of premium bicycles used for racing, mountain biking and joy riding. The Cannondale bikes are now available in the most of Indian cities Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune.

Bianchi Cycles

Bianchi cycles is the Italian brand who manufacturers all types of bicycles. TI cycles brings the Italian brand Bianchi to Indian cycle market.

GT Cycles

GT Bicycles is an American company, creating the most reliable racing, mountain and off road bikes. GT also sponsored numerous race and teams such as Yellow Wings Mountain Biking Racing Team.

Mongoose Cycles

Mongoose specializes in BMX and MTB bicycles, produce world renowned BMX brand of bikes.

Trek Cycles

Trek is a leading brand of bicycles in India offers test ride of bicycles designed for best in class performance.

Cosmic Cycles

Cosmic Cycles standards to create bicycles for both Men and Women.The Indian Manufacturer of Bicycles use engineering and quality to create cycles.

Schwinn Cycles

Schwinn Bicycles is an American bicycles who produce best bikes for fitness rides over any distance and give the rider a perfect ride.

Giant Cycles


Giant Cycles is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer and largest bicycle manufacturer in the world.

Ridley Cycles


Ridley Bicycles finally hit the Indian market, Designed in Belgium and made for India.

Kross Cycles

Kross Cycles are designed to take on tough roads and turfs.

Schnell Cycles

Schnell Cycles is an Indian Company based in Pune.

Merida Cycles

Merida is also a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturing and creates bikes for mountain, city roads and hybrid bicycles for every rider.

Raleigh Cycles

Raleigh Bicycle Company is one of the oldest bicycle company based in England and offers multi speed bicycles in India.

Scott Cycles

Scott Cycles offers widest range of bicycles for the Indian market that include city road, mountain and Women’s specific design.

La Sovereign Cycles


La Sovereign is an Indian brand joint between Thailand and India, having a wide range of mountain,BMX, MTB and geared off road bicycles.

Specialized Cycles


Specialized Bicycle Components designs markets bicycles under the brand name Specialized and one of the prominent cycle brands of America.

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