Top 12 Best Vest Brands of Baniyan in India

Baniyan also known as Vest or Undershirt is a type of upper body wear that makes shirts less transparent and protect you from body sweat. Vests are available in different sizes and shaped like Crew neck, V- neck, sleeveless undershirt, with sleeve vest and gym vests.

Rupa – Frontline


Rupa Frontline brand in India is a benchmarks in the innerwear segment and designed to keep men comfortable and fresh. Rupa Company is the largest knitwear brand in India and the popular products includes Softline Leggings for women, Frontline Vests and Macroman Briefs.

Macroman by Rupa


Macroman Men’s Clothing brand is part of the Rupa company, offers more comfort, great design and durability. Other popular brands of Rupa knitwear are thermal wear, Softline, FL 7 Series, Thermocot and Euro Inners.

Dollar – Bigboss


Dollar Industries offers wide range of premium products from mens innerwear, vest, brief and trunk. Bigboss range of Dollar vest is a leading brand of vest in India, Available in vibrant shades and contrast.

Lux – Cozi


Lux innerwear brand provide innovative and comfortable products, also constantly expanding its business in India. The best and the finest Baniyan from Lux are cozi, classic mexx, Gen X Men and venus with best cotton fabrics.


ONN is the most premium brand of underwear for men from the house of Lux, offers vast range of designs, fashion and style for every fashionable Indian male.The Stylish Vests are made from combed cotton fabric and offers fantastic comfort.

Shera – Comate


Shera Hosiery offers big range of innerwear products such as Bloomer, Gym Vest, Leggings and Comate Fitline Baniyan in India. The company is very popular all over India and known for comfortable and stylish brands of innerwear.

Amul – Macho


Amul Macho underwear brand is known for comfortable and quality underwear and also one of the leading fashion brand in underwear category in India.The company has number of branches across India and Saif Ali Khan is the brand ambassador of Amul Macho.

Dixcy – Scott


Dixcy Scott is a branded innerwear for men, offering lifestyle brand to all the segments in the hosiery market. The Royal Vest form men is made from combed cotton and designed with maximum comfort and durability.

Divya – Maestro


Divya brand of men’s vest is another very popular Baniyan brands of India, A leading Manufacturer of innerwear, brief, trunk and vest also an exporter and supplyer of comprehensive range of products.

VIP – Supreme

VIP clothing is leading Indian company into the manufacturing and marketing of innerwear. The most popular and well-known brands of VIP are Frenchie, VIP Innerwear, Frenchie anf Flex Vest, Made from single rib fabric for best comfort.

Jockey – Vest

Jockey is the most famous manufacturer of underwear, fashion vests and sportswear for men and women. Page Industries has licensee to sell Jockey in India, has a very strongly market and also selling products directly online.


Hanes – ComfortSoft

Hanes brands of clothing line is into the marketing of variety of Innerwear and Outerwear. The Hanes product includes undershirts, underwear and bras, panties and bodywear for Women.

There are more sub brands of Rupa knonw as Macroman and ONN from Lux Industries are also very popular Indian underwear brands with Bollywood celebrity brand ambassadors like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor.

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