10 Best Brands of Deodorants in India for Men

There are number of brands of deodorants available in India along with Adidas, Nike, Nivea, Ustraa, He Passion and One8 Deo by Virat Kohli. Here is the list of top 10 most popular and best brands of deodorants for men in India.

Fogg Marco Black


Fogg Marco by Vini Cosmetics is the number 1 deodorants in India and with no gas innovation, Fogg is now extremely popular due to a different way of advertising and unique TV Commercials. Vini Cosmetics also own popular brands of Ossum body spray and white tone cream.

Denver Hamilton


Denver Hamilton is one of the best natural deodorant for men and offers long-lasting fragrance. Vanesa Care launched many brands of deo with international standards specific to the Indian consumer such as Denver, Vanesa and Envy.

Park Avenue


Park Avenue is a premium brand of Raymond that offers apparels, cologne, beer shampoo, bathing soap and accessories. The signature collection Voyage give a distinct and refreshing aroma throughout the day.

Wild Stone


Wild Stone deo prepare you for the special moments with the fragrance suited for every occasion. The brand and fragrances instantly became a hit with media campaign, McNROE is the company that also own brands like Secret Temptation and Code Copper.

Old Spice Original


Old Spice deodorant strengthen your unstoppable swagger with the man-nificent smells of lime and cedarwood. The new no gas deodorant body sprays by Old Spice are available in six variants with a unique blend of spice and pine redwood.

Brut Original


Brut is one of the most well-known fragrance brand for men in India, fragrance not only long lasting from day to night but also suits the personalities. The distinctive fragrance of Brut original, occasion, must and instinct are available in deodorant spray.

Jovan Musk


Jovan Musk deodorant body spray is one last longer deodorant, perfect blend of exotic spices and woods with the seductive scent of musk. The exotic line of cologne and fragrance for men offers one of the strongest smells which lasts long.

Set Wet


Set Wet brand of deo with punch line Sada Sexy Raho men, display playful, sexy, charming side of you. Marico Limited is one of the leading consumer goods companies of India, present in over 25 countries and own brands like Parachute, SaffolaHair & Care, Nihar and Livon.

KS Spark Deodorant


Kamasutra Spark deodorant spray for men is manufactured by JKAL, KamaSutra deo has variant just like KamaSutra condoms. It is also the second most popular brand of condom in India and has a range of textured like Dotted, LongLast, extra large and flavored.

Axe Signature


Axe signature and dark temptation body spray are very popular male deodorant brand in India, The no gas male grooming products offers a wide range of long-lasting fragrances. AXE do offers a wide range of long-lasting deodorants, antiperspirants and daily fragrances.

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