10 Suburban Rail Service of India’s Major Cities

Suburban Rail Service in India is the public transport system for major Indian cities,referred to as local trains and has dedicated tracks. Many Indian cities have own dedicated suburban rail networks and few upcoming Suburban rail service for India’s major cities include Under Construction Bangalore Commuter Rail,Local trains on Konkan Railway,upcoming suburban rail of Trivandrum City,Barabanki Lucknow Suburban Railway, Hyderabad MMTS and Lucknow Kanpur Suburban Railway.

Mumbai Suburban Railway


Mumbai Suburban Railway is commuter rail service that operates 2,342 trains to cover all the metropolitan region of Mumbai city. The Mumbai Suburban Railway system is the oldest railway system in Asia and also one of the busiest commuter rail systems in the world.

Chennai Suburban Railway


Chennai Suburban Railway has 4 major suburban railway lines to serve millions of people daily in the city of Chennai (Madras). The MRTS line of Chennai Suburban Railway runs elevated for most of its section and other suburban rail share tracks with other trains.

Delhi Suburban Railway


Delhi Suburban Railway service covers Delhi,Faridabad, Ghaziabad and few adjoining places in the National Capital Region. The Delhi Suburban Railway uses the same tracks that are used for other Indian Railways long distance trains.

Kolkata Suburban Railway


Kolkata Suburban Railway is the largest suburban railway network in India, serving the suburbs of Kolkata. The suburban railway services in Kolkata are important and heavily used infrastructure in India.

Pune Suburban Railway


Pune Suburban Railway system connects Pune city to its suburbs villages of Talegaon and Lonavla. There are 2 two routes for Pune Suburban Service Pune Junction to Talegaon and Pune Junction to Lonavla.

Bangalore Suburban Railway

Bangalore Commuter Railway system is an approved suburban railway service for the electronics city of Bangalore. The Silicon Valley of India will have 10 routes totalling 204 km of modern suburban rail system.

Hyderabad Suburban Railway


The Suburban rail system in Hyderabad is called as Multi Modal Transport System, operate by South Central Railway. The first phase of Multi Modal Transport System of Hyderabad is completed and operational in particular routes.

Ahmedabad Suburban Railway

Ahmedabad Suburban Railway is a planned commuter rail system for the city of Ahmedabad. At present two corridors are planned for Ahmedabad Suburban Railway lines Ahmedabad to Naroda and Barejadi Kalol.

Goa Suburban Railway


The first DEMU Train service in Goa along the Konkan Railway route, between Pernem and Karwar. Pernem and Karwar DEMU train is suburban like services connecting local stations of Konkan Railway in Goa, Margao and Karwar.

Lucknow Kanpur Suburban Railway

Lucknow Kanpur Suburban Railway and Barabanki Lucknow Suburban Railway are two commuter rail service to connect capital city of Lucknow and Kanpur. Northern Railway has proposal and planned for Bullet Train and High Speed Metro between Lucknow and Kanpur.

MEMU- Mainline Electric Multiple Unit
DEMU- Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
EMU- Electric Multiple Unit
MMTS- Multi Modal Transport System
RTTS- Rapid Transit Train System
MTS- Mass Transit System
RRTS- Regional Rapid Transport System

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