4 New Services of Express Trains by Indian Railways

In last rail budget by the railway minister, Suresh Prabhu has introduced 4 new semi high speed trains in India with airline like facilities,Luxury Make in India Coaches and modern on board facilities such as free wi-fi,LCD,Entertainment and local cuisine on board. Four new categories of trains by Indian Railways are named as Tejas Express,Uday Express,Antyodaya Express and Humsafar Express.

Tejas Express


Tejas Express is new semi high speed train with airline like facilities like Wi-Fi, Entertainment and Cuisine on board. Three routes have been panned for Tejas Express and the modern on board facilities also includes Coach attendants,calling bells and LCD screens.

Humsafar Express


Humsafar Express are fully air-conditioned of 3-tier AC trains designed by Indian Railways with advance facilities. These train will have all the modern on board facilities such as Tea vending machines,LED screen,bio toilets in compartments smoke alarms,CCTV camera and announcement system.

Uday Express


Uday Express or Utkrisht Double-decker Air-Conditioned Yatri Train is a super fast double decker express train, will be launched in Chennai and Tiruvaranthapuram line. The Uday Expres train is aiming to be introduced on the busiest routes for overnight journey to increase capacity by 40 per cent.

Antyodaya Express

Antyodaya Express announced by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu for the unreserved class is yet to be launched. The Antyodaya Express train will have more comfortable seats, just like Deen Dayalu coaches with other facilities such as bio-toilets,LED lights,mobile charging points and dustbins.

Deen Dayalu Coaches


Deen Dayalu Coaches by Indian Railways are new offerings for general class passenger with many facilities in like charging points, potable drinking water and bio-toilets. These coaches will be used in mail and express trains routes which have heavy demand for seats.

Anubhuti Coach


Anubhuti Coach have been designed to used on the Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express trains. The 50 seating capacity Anubhuti coaches will be produced by Rae Bareli coach factory and Chandigarh Delhi Shatabadi express will be first to have Anubhuti Coaches.

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