Amazing Train Travel of Indian Railways-Must Do Rail Journey

Indian Railways has one of the world’s largest railway network passes through the majestic mountains,tallest bridges and tunnels. Notable trains and routes of Indian Railways are 5 World Heritage toy trains,special luxury trains,Kashmir Railway, konkan railway,Delhi Metro and the life line of Mumbai, local Trains.

Mahaparinirvan Express


The Mahaparinirvan Express is the Buddhist Circuit Train launched as a tourist train by Indian Railway to attract Buddhist pilgrims. Its a pilgrimage tourist train and differ from the other luxury trains of India.

Goa Express -Vasco da Gama to Londa

The Goa Express is a fast train passes through the beautiful beaches and villages of Goa and run towards the Western Ghats of Karnataka through thick jungle, deep valleys and waterfalls.

Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express


The Rajdhani Express is the fastest train in India also known as super-fast Rajdhani Express, passes through the green paddy fields, tea plantations region of Assam and the mighty Brahmaputra river. Rajdhani Express connects all the state capitals of India.

Nizamuddin Duronto Express


Duronto means quick in the Bengali language and all Duronto express train can be recognised by its yellow-green livery of their passenger coaches. The Duronto Express from Pune to Delhi is one of India’s fastest train covers a fantastic route of beautiful rivers, mountains and hills along with view of Indian villages.

Mandovi Express

The Mandovi Express runs under the Konkan Railway, sandwiched land between the majestic Western ghats and the Arabian Sea and offers breathtaking view of nature, paddy fields,coconut trees and small villages. Konkan Railway train route is a single-line track and not electrified, runs parallel to the Arabian Sea coastline, offers some of the most spectacular views of any Indian rail journey.

Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey


The Indian Maharaja-Deccan Odyssey is one of the luxury train in India along with Palace on Wheels,The Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and Deccan Odyssey. These five luxury trains of India are the major tourist attractions and the most expensive train Journeys of the country, runs on 5-6 circuits and covers more than 20 destinations across North-West,South and Central India.

Island Express

The Island Express train run between Bangalore and Kanyakumari and the only train that connected Karnataka to Kerala state. Island Express offers one of the most beautiful natural scenery throughout the travel journeys.

Himalayan Queen


The Himalayan Queen runs between the Delhi to Kalka, the gateway to Himalaya via Haryana. Intercity mail Himalayan Queen attach/detach at Panipat Junction and goes to Bhivani to Kalka.

Jammu Mail

The Jammu Mail runs from Old Delhi to Udhampur 53km stretch of railway into the foothills of Himalayas. The 20 tunnels and 158 bridges that is crosses while weaving its way around the rocky Shivalik mountain range, rivers and deep valleys,Flat lands and green pastures.

Mumbai Local Trains


The Bombay or Mumbai Suburban Railway is second busiest rapid transit system in the world and the most overcrowding in the world. Mumbai rapid transit system in said to be life line of city run from 4 AM until 1 AM.

Mountain Railway -Toy Trains


The narrow or metre gauge railway line is known as toy train are few 5 Mountain Railways of India which includes the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Shimla Railway, the Kangra Valley Railway, and the Kashmir Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Southern India, and the Matheran Hill Railway.

Delhi Metro -Rapid Transit System


The Delhi Metro is one of the best rapid transit system in India and world’s thirteenth largest metro system along with India’s first modern public transportation in terms of speed, reliable, safe and comfortable.

Vivek Express -The Longest Route

Vivek Express-Longest Route

The Vivek Express from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari is the longest train route in the Indian Subcontinent,followed by the Himsagar Express. It is the longest route on the Indian Railways network with the travel distance of 4273 km in 82 hours or 5 day and crosses through the 7 Indian states and many beautiful sites of nature.

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    Bullet or High speed train should start from Thiruvanandhapuram-Kochi-Thrissur-Palakkad-Coimbatore-Mettupalayam-Sathyamagalam Marg- Kaveri Sangam-Chamrajanagar marg-Mysore marg-Bangalore( Near White field-Vellore katpadi-Chennai Central
    Phase 2 Bangalore-Thirupathy- Vijayawada Guntur Road-Bhaghyanagar Andhrapradesh Capital region-Pune-Mumbai-Gujarat Gandhinagar Capital Region-Jaipur-New Delhi.

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