Difference Between Shatabdi-Rajdhani and Duronto Express of Indian Railways

Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express and Duronto Express are the highest priority trains of the Indian railway network, connect the capital city of New Delhi to capitals of states and metro cities to other major cities in the states. These series of trains have a maximum speed of about 130 km/h to peak speed of 150 km/h (93 mph) and ranked as the fastest trains in India.

Shatabdi Express


Type of Train: Super Fast
Speed: 160kmp/h and 92kmph on an Average.
Coach Color: LHB Coaches
Total Trains: 25 Pairs of Shatabdi Express
Specialty: Shatabdi Express Return to the Origin Station on the Same Day
First Train: New Delhi Jhansi Shatabdi Express
Bhopal Shatabdi; The Fastest train in India
Frequency: Daily
Ambala Cant Junction Station is served by maximum shatabdi Trains on a daily basis

Rajdhani Express


Type of Train: Super Fast
Speed: 140 kmp/h and 91kmph on an Average
Coach Color: Red color Coaches with yellow and silver Lining
Total Trains: 22 Pairs of Rajdhani Express
First Train: Howrah Rajdhani Express
Frequency: Daily/2-3 Times a week
Free wi-fi Facility
Connect New Delhi to other State Capital and Cities

Duronto Express


Type of Train: Super Fast
Speed: 140kmp/h and 91kmph on an Average
Coach Color: Yellow-Green livery
Total Trains: 27 Pairs of Duronto Express
Specialty: Technical Stop Between Source to Destination
Coach Type: Exclusive LHB Sleeper Coaches
First Train: Sealdah-Delhi Duronto Express
Frequency: 2-3 Times a Week
As fast as Rajdhani and Shatabdi Trains
Connect the several metros and major State Capitals of India

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