Top 10 High Power Locomotives of Indian Railways

The Indian Railways has imported first high power locomotives from Alstom France for freight train system and the company has plans to manufacture 800 super high power locomotives in Madhepura. Indian Railways have been used steam locomotive to high power electric locomotives, Here is the list of most successful locomotive in India.

Indian Locomotive Class WAG-12


WAG-12 is a new electric freight locomotive of Indian Railways with a power output of 12,000 hp. Indian locomotive class WAG-12 developed by Alstom and Indian Railways in Madhepura of Bihar and the most powerful freight locomotives in India followed by WAG-9.

Indian Locomotive Class WAG-9


WAG-9 Indian locomotive is the most powerful freight locomotive of Indian Railways. The WAG-9H/9Hi are the only freight dedicated locomotives in India.


Indian Railways WAG class are series of electric locomotives, are the most powerful locomotives in the country, WAG full form – W stands for broad gauge, A stands for AC traction and G for Goods duty/freight.

Indian Locomotive class WAG-7


Indian Locomotive class WAG-7 is the powerful electric locomotive designed freight dedicated locomotive in Indian Railways. WAG 7 built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works and most affordable and successful locomotive in India.


Indian Locomotive class WAG-5


WAG-5 Locomotive class of Indian Railways is a type of electric locomotive used for passenger dedicated class. The WAG-5 is the second most used locomotive engine by the Indian Railways.

Indian Locomotive Class WAP-7


WAP-7 locomotive developed by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works and used by Northern Railways, Southern Railways and other 8 Indian railway zones.


Indian locomotive class WAP-7 is passenger locomotive and currently the is the most powerful passenger locomotive in India, capable of hauling 24 coach trains at speeds ranging 110–140 km/h.

Indian Locomotive Class WAP-5


Indian Locomotive WAP-5 was imported from ABB Switzerland used in high speed Railways of India, in Gatimaan Express and Bhopal Shatabdi trains.


Indian Locomotive Class WAP-4


Indian Locomotive Class WAP-4 is widely used for passenger service trains network of Indian Railways. The locomotive was produced by the Chittaranjan Locomotive Works.

Indian Railways WCAM Class

Indian Railways WCAM class are mixed locomotive used by both goods and passenger service by Indian Railways. These locomotives are from Indian Railways WCAM class specifically designed for Ghat section by Central Railways.

Indian Locomotive Class WDM-3B

Indian locomotive class WDM-3A manufactured in India by the Diesel Locomotive Works for broad gauge. WDM-3A is a variant of the original WDM-2C and most common diesel locomotive of Indian Railways.

Indian Locomotive Class WDM-3D


Indian Locomotive Class WDM-3D or ALCO DL560C is a diesel electric locomotive used for passenger and freight hauling by Indian Railways.

Adding More Images and Information about list of Locomotives of Indian Railways:

Indian Locomotive Class WDG – 3A

Indian Locomotive Class WDM-2

Indian Locomotive Class WDM-2 was imported and built from the American Locomotive Company for broad gauge diesel mixed traffic engine and the most common diesel locomotive of Indian Railways.

Indian Locomotive Class WAM-4

Indian Locomotive Class WAM-4 designed and built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works. WAM-4 have been used regularly by Indian Railways for hauling superfasts, passengers and freight trains.

Indian Locomotive Class WDP-4 or EMD GT46PAC was designed by General Motors Electro-Motive Division and used for passenger trains by Indian Railways.

Diesel Locomotive and Electric Locomotive both are used by freight and passenger traffic routes in India. Indian locomotive class WAG-9 is the most powerful electric freight locomotive in Indian Railways.


Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Asansol
Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi
Bharat Heavy Electricals
Electric Locomotive Factory, Madhepura
Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company

Electric Locomotive Factory in Madhepura is part of the Make in India and will produce 800 high power locomotives for Indian tracks.


Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli
Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala
Integral Coach Factory, Chennai


Coach Factory manufacturer rail coaches of Indian Railways and also exports railway coaches to other countries. ICF Bogie and LHB Coaches of Indian Railways are produced by Coach Factory in Kapurthala and Raebareli.

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