Top 5 Largest and Longest Railway Stations of Kerala

Kerala is always been the most popular tourist spots in south India, known for backwaters,natural beauty and wildlife. There are few unknow railway facts about the state such as longest railway bridge,second longest railway platform and one of the 5 most beautiful central railway stations of India.

Shoranur Junction Railway Station

Shoranur Junction Railway Station is the largest railway station in Kerala and one of the major junction in the state. Shoranur Junction has 7 platforms and the city is often referred as the gateway to Malabar.

Kollam Junction Railway Station


Kollam Junction Railway Station is the second largest railway station in Kerala in terms of area and also has India’s second longest railway platform. The city of Kollam connected to major cities of India and the junction is listed as one of the oldest railway stations in Kerala.

Kannur Railway Station

Kannur Railway Station of Kerala has the second longest railway platform in the state and selected for Google’s plan to deploy WiFi. The Kannur Railway Station serves Kannur City and Platform number 1 of Kannur station has one of the longest railway platform in India.

Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station


Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station is one of the five central railway station of India and the largest railway station in Kerala in terms of passenger movement. Thiruvananthapuram Central connect the city to other major cities of India and an important rail hub in Southern Railway.

Ernakulam Junction Railway Station

Ernakulam Junction Railway Station is a major railway junction station in Kerala, serves city of Kochi. The Junction is classified as A1 station by the Southern Railway zone and second largest in terms in passenger revenues in Kerala.

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