World Top 5 Sports Bike For The Year 2013

Sport bike can be rated on various parameters like power, engine, design, comfort, price, etc. It can be jumbled by a person depending on his or her judgment and in the same manner me it totally depends on great looks, good speed, quality braking and great seating comfort. A sports bike is optimized with speed, power, braking, comfort, fuel economy and capacity with standard bikes. Primary essentials are speed and thrill when it comes to a sports bike and are versatile. Without which the money spent is not worth it. It’s difficult to determine the top five bikes as the choice may differ from person to person depending on his or her own preferences and the qualities and features one is looking in a bike. Do not worry about London congestion charge contact as motorbikes are exempt from these.

Top five Sports Bike for the year 2013 would be as below (but the order might differ based on individual like or dislike)

Kawasaki Ninja 300
Suzuki SVF 650
Honda NC700X
Ducati monster 696
Yamaha Super Tenere

Kawasaki Ninja 300


This is the new entry replacing the last year’s Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The Ninja 300 has a fuel injection engine. It has a top speed of 170 kmph and this is more powerful than the previous edition. It also has an anti-lock brakes; no warm time is required for this one. Its 296cc twin parallel engine has a great vibration. It also features a new DFI system (Digital fuel injection system).It produces a maximum power of 11000 RMPH. It is equipped with 17 inch 10 spokes alloy wheels. Also this looks smarter and bigger than Ninja 250R. It has a fuel capacity of 17 liters.

Suzuki SVF 650


This Suzuki SVF 650 has a great handling as it is built on a compact open trellis frame. It has a 645 cc V twin double overhead cam shift engine which produces a maximum power of 8400 RMPH. It has a preloaded adjustable suspension with 290mm front and 240mm rear disk brakes. Those are made of five spokes aluminum alloy wheels. It has a fuel capacity of 14.5 liters which is lesser than Ninja 300; however, this suits its body.

Honda NC700X


This naked sport bike from Honda has a great looks with 51 horsepower from 670cc twin engine. It has a upright riding position which is perfectly suitable for inner city traffic as well as twisty roads. It has a liquid cool 670c parallel twin engine. The Best feature of this bike is that it has a 21 liter utility compartment. It has 3.7 gallon fuel tank which is place underneath the seat. It has diamond shaped steel frame with front and rear disk brakes for greater riding experience.

Ducati Monster 696


This beast has an 80 horsepower with 696 cc twin engine (hence the name) with six speed gear box. It is equipped with electronic fuel injection; 45mm throttle body with a power of 58.8kw. This has a unique Stopwatch feature which can be used to record the lap times or journey times.

Yamaha Super Tenere


The Super Tenere is very quick despite being a heavy bike with features such as 90 horse power with 1199 cc parallel twin engine and water cooled motor. It has a power output of 108 BHP with 19 inch front wheel. It has a 20 liters fuel tank.

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