Top 12 Most Famous Varieties Of Indian Mangoes

आम -भारत का राष्ट्रीय फल  एवम् फलों का राजा कहलाता है! – 15 लोकप्रिय भारतीय आम की किस्में!

Indian varieties of mango are very much famous in the world and known for its sweetness, richness and unique flavor. India is the largest producer of mangoes in the world, follow the link to know more. Its an important agricultural fruit of the country along with fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and major spices.
Most popular types of mangoes found in India are Alphonsos or Hapus from Maharashtra, Badami from Karnataka ,Chausa from Himachal Pradesh, Dasheri from Uttar Pradesh, Keshar for Gir and many more.

Places to Taste 12 Famous Varieties of Mango in India

Other famous varieties of mangoes available in India also includes Bombay Green, Mulgoa, Sindoori, Raspuri, Gulaab Khaas, Kishenbhog, Mankurad and Fazli from Lucknow, Fazli mangoes are one of the largest varieties of mango from India.

भारत का आम  अपनी मिठास, समृद्धि और स्वाद के लिए दुनिया में प्रसिद्ध हैं Top 30 varieties of mangoes in India.

1. Alphonsos -Ratnagiri / Devgarh Hapus, Maharashtra


Alphonso Mango is one of the best variety of mango found in India in terms of sweetness and flavor. Maharashtra region of Ratnagiri, Devgarh, Raigad, and Konkan are the only place in western part of India where Alphonso Mango are cultivated and also one of the most expensive kinds of mango in India.

2. Badami – Karnataka Alphonso


Badami mangoes are also called as Alphonso of Karnataka state, texture and taste are quite similar to other Mango from the region of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra as well as Alphonso of Karnataka.

3. Chaunsa – North India


Chaunsa is one the sweetest mangoes grown in North India, It has medium oblong and has a golden yellow colour with a red blush. It mainly produced in Mirpur Khas Sindh in Punjab of Pakistan.

4. Dasheri – Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh


Dasheri is delicious variety of mango basically grown in North parts of India, Its one of the very famous variety of mango in north India. Malihabad in Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of Dasheri mango and along with other varieties of mangoes such as Chausa, Fazli, Lucknowa, Jauhari and Safeda.

5. Kesar – Saurashtra, Gujarat

Gir Kesar

Kesar Mangoes is also simply called Gir Kesar because cultivar grown in the foothills of Girnar in the districts of Junagadh and Amreli.

6. Langra – Uttar Pradesh


Langra is the prominent variety of mango and one of the most superior variety of Mango from the Northern India, Langra mangoes are originally from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.


7. Mulgoba – Tamil Nadu


Mulgoba is one of the best mango grown in Tamil Nadu state and other parts of South India, Mulgoba is known as the “Alphonso of South India.

8. Neelam


Neelam mango grows in many areas of India, usually found in abundance in June. These mangoes are a favourite in Hyderabad and also a famous varieties of mango from South of India along with Raspuri Mango.


9. Raspuri – Karnataka


Raspuri are oval shape mango with excellent flavour and juicy in texture, considered as the Queen of Mangoes in India. Peddarasalu or Rasapuri as known in Karnataka.

10. Himsagar – West Bengal


Himsagar Mangoes are the specialty of West Bengal and Orissa, Himsagar is one of the top five mangoes in India you should and must have along with Ratangiri Hapus, Banarasi Langda,Gir Kesar and  Banganapalli.

11. Totapuri – South India


Totapuri Mango is the famous mango found primarily in south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Totapuri is one of the main cultivars grown in India .


12. Benishan Mango – Banganapalli, Andhra Pradesh


Benishan Mango also known as Banganapalli is one of the most common cultivars of mango the town of Banganapalle in Andhra Pradesh. These mangoes are large is size and weighing on an average 350-400 grams hence known as known as The King of Mangoes in South India.


– Other known type of Indian Mangoes

There are around 283 types of mangoes found in India, out of which only 30 are well-known, Here is the list of few more types of mangoes cultivated in India.

Imam Pasand – Imam Pasand is one of the lesser known mango,  cultivated in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.


Amrapali-  The Amrapali is a hybrid between Neelam and Dashehari varieties.


Rajapuri Mango – Rajapuri mangoes are known for its larger size, sweet flavour and widely used to make various products .


  • Gulaab Khaas – Gulaab Khaas: As the name suggest the mango is reddish in appearance, and is known for its rosy flavour and aroma.
  • Alampur Baneshan – This medium size mango is cultivar and originates from India, green or yellow color mango.
  • Pairi – Is one of the varieties of mangoes to hit the market early in the season.


  • Malda – Malda Grown in Digha area near Patna of Bihar and known for awesome taste and flavour with thin skin.


Some of the least popular and lesser known varieties of mangoes available  in India also include Bombay Mango, Pairi Mango, Sindhura, Manohar mango, Panakalu, Fazli Mango, Mallika mango, Lakshmanbhog mango and Black rose mango.

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Melishya Gonsalves
Melishya Gonsalves
5 years ago

different varieties of mango

3 years ago

Well besides these there are many other great mango varieties such as Vanraj, Jamadar, Neelum, Haaphoos , Himsagar, Gulabkhas, Olour, Pairi, Himsagar, Kishen Bhog etc & they all are delectable in taste.

Misha Gerasimov
Misha Gerasimov
3 years ago

Are Indian mangoes still banned in Europe, including Russia? We are looking for a reliable supplier of organic mango varieties that would survive the 50-60 day seat journey to Russia in an isothermal (climatically controlled) shipping container. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Abid Hossain
Abid Hossain
3 years ago


I’m newly open a firm. I’m interested to supplying the Fresh Mangoes from the West Bengal in INDIA. How can I contact with you. Kindly send me an e-mail.

3 years ago

The best in north India are Dusshehri and Langda — these can be cut and served. Dusshehri used for milk-shake too. Next are Bambaiya and Chaunsa. Bambaiya should be sucked upon. Chaunsa is cut and served. Small in size and full of sweet aroma are Gulab-khas and Sindooriya. The local tastes use them differently in sorbets, shakes, ice creams and sweets and baked treats. The most local and small in size is Choonsa. Every piece tastes different and definately not the sweetest variety. Kids love these. Well all kids love all mangoes. Totapuri is not a respectable variety as it… Read more »

3 years ago

There is another famous variety in southern India Called “Katthe tholdu mavinkai” . which translates to “Donkey ball sack mango”. B’coz it literally looks like a donkey’s ball sack.
– Zhenkar

10 months ago

am really like your mangoes varieties please join me in your discussion