10 Most Beautiful Yellow Flowering Trees of India

Yellow flowering tress are found across the Indian cities and started flowering during the early summer. The most common yellow flowering trees in India are Amaltas or golden shower tree, Yellow flametree and Kasod Tree.

Golden Shower Tree / Amaltas


Cassia fistula also known as Indian laburnum is native to the Indian subcontinent and is a popular ornamental plant also used in herbal medicine in adjacent regions of Southeast Asia. The golden shower flower is the state flower of Kerala and the tree is the national tree of Thailand.

Yellow Flame / Peltophorum pterocarpum


The flametree is one of the most popular ornamental tree grown around the cities of India, planted alternately in Indian cities along with Gulmohar or Delonix regia. Trees begin to flower during the summer season in India along with Yellow Gulmohar, Blue Gulmohar and Red Gulmohar.

Kasod Tree / Senna siamea


Senna siamea or kassod tree native to Southeast Asia with leaves, tender pods and seeds are edible. Cassod tree has medicinal value and most often used as shade tree in coffee and tea plantations, road side ornamental trees in India.

Ranawara / Senna auriculata


Senna auriculata commonly known as matura tea tree or ranawara by local names, A small tree with branched shrub that occurs mostly in the dry regions of India. Ranawara suitable for landscaping roadways and gardens and its flower is the state flower of Telangana.

Yellow Oleander / Yellow Kaner


Cascabela thevetia commonly known as yellow oleander is a poisonous plant found throughout India and planted widely as an ornamental tree. Kaner found in various states of India along the road side and its bright yellow flowers are used for religious purposes.

Yellow Peacock Tree / Caesalpinia Pulcherrima


Caesalpinia pulcherrima is the most striking ornamental plant in India, flower with yellow, orange, or red petals. Yellow Peacock flower widely grown in domestic and public gardens, used to attract birds and butterflies.

Yellow Tabebuia Tree / Tabebuia aurea


The Yellow Tabebuia aurea is very much similar to golden Trumpet Tree and also has very showy golden-yellow flowers. Only two species of Tabebuia are yellow-flowered and best known as an ornamental flowering tree in India.

Golden Rain Tree / Koelreuteria paniculata

Koelreuteria paniculata also known as pride of India, Is a popular landscape tree worldwide and popularly grown as an ornamental tree in temperate regions. The goldenrain tree flowers are yellow with four petals, flowering in late summer.

Buttercup Tree / Cochlospermum religiosum

Cochlospermum religiosum is a small tree usually found in dry deciduous forest and also known as silk- cotton tree or buttercup tree for bright yellow flowers. The plant is known as Kanikaara in Sanskrit and its cotton fruits are like similar to kapok tree.

Yellow Trumpetbush / Tecoma stans


Tecoma stans is a small yellow flowering tree that grown as an ornamental tree. Yellow trumpetbush or yellow bells is from the trumpet vine family and an attractive plant that is cultivated as an ornamental.

Allamanda, yellow trumpet and yellow bells are few more beautiful yellow flowering trees found in India along with rare Yellow Gulmohar. Yellow Gulmohar is another rare variety of Delonix regia with yellow flower like Yellow Palash.

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