10 Most Popular Variety of Grapes Grown in India

There are variety of grape grown under the different soil and climatic conditions across the dry, hot and tropical regions in India. Thomson Seedless and its mutants, Bangalore Blue and Anab-e-Shahi are the major grown types of grapes in India, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the top grapes producing states of India.

Thompson Seedless


Sultana variety of seedless grape are called Thompson Seedless in US, The
pale green, oval shape grapes are very popular in India and its raisins are eaten as a snack food in India. Thompson Seedless is the major and most grown variety of grapes in Northern India along with Pandhari Sahebi, Beauty Seedless and Black Hamburg.

Bangalore Blue, Karnataka


Bangalore Blue variety of grapes is the most popular varieties of grapes from Karnataka along with Thomson seedless and Anab-E-Shahi Dilkush. The blue grapes are used for making jams and jellies, granted the Geographical indication status.

Anab-e-Shahi, Andhra Pradesh

Anab-e-Shahi grape variety is late maturing fruit that grown in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Haryana. This is a unique variety of grapes and a delicious variety that adaptable to different climate conditions.



Dilkhush is clone of Anab-e-Shahi, cultivated in different region of India along with Pandari Sahebi, Kali Sahebi, and Cheema Sahebi. Anab-e-Shahi and its clone are harvested during March-April from the hot tropical region.

Sharad Seedless


Sharad Seedless grapes is a mutant of Kishmish Chorni or black seedless grapes, grown in the region of Northern India and a commercial varieties of grapes with good demand in international markets.


Perlette grapes are large in size and mostly used as table fruit, wine, raisins and shade. They are are very much similar to Thompson Seedless in appearance and good for seedless grape vine, grown in North India.



Bhokri variety of grapes are seeded and harvest during the period of November-December and June-July. The productivity of grapes is consumed as table grapes in India, Other well known varieties of grapes grown in India are Gulabi, Perlette, Shared Seedless, Dilkhush and Sonaka & Manik Chaman.



Gulabi or Muscat Hamburg grapes harvest season is from the month of January-March and June-December. Theni and Dindigul are two most popular grape growing regions of Tamil Nadu, Known for the famous Muscat Hamburg grapes.


Tas-A-Ganesh variety is part of the Thompson Seedless, grown in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Cheema Sahebi, Sonaka and Manik Chaman are the popular variety of grapes grown in Maharashtra and few are the clone of Thompson Seedless.

Flame Seedless


Flame Seedless grapes has a good demand in the international markets along with several varieties that grown in India such as Thompson Seedless, Shared Seedless and are produced and exported from India.

Other well known types of grapes grown in India are Kali Sahebi, Beauty Seedless, Bangalore Purple, Pandari Sahebi,Seedless blue and Caberne tSauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Uni Blanc variety are crushed to process wine in India.

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