Street Show of Animals in India

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated – Mahatma Gandhi.
There was a time and place for zoos and circuses and shows that use animals and birds as props for human entertainment. But now the things has been changed, animals should got treated with respect. We have always seen shows of animals in streets of India, peoples use these animals for living hood. There are many peoples who were doing these things in India and they only prosper because we let them. Street show of Animals is completely banned in India because of animal welfare organization Oipa and the animals lover Naresh Kadyan.

Because of his great effort for animal protection, Naresh Kadyan is becomes the role model for young generation’s. Till now most of the dancing bear and monkey are rescued by the Oipa in India. Still we need attention to stop cruelty to all animals, snakes and birds. Snake in India are used by the local people to earn money by showing at streets, birds are used by the fake astrologers in streets of India.

We Indian worship many animals like cow and snakes, we offered milk to snake in Naga Panchami festival, and when we got them in our house we kill them why? Call a person who can capture the snake and free them out.Zoos never provide this naturalistic environments for the wild animal’s, It will be good to set them free in their natural habitats National parks.

Nobody should allow to kill animal’s,they should directly report to the forest rangers rather than killing them.
Save the Animals and Make a Difference -Kailash Kumbhkar